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Short Answer Questions

1. What effect has the stolen apple had on the Witch?

2. How does the Bulldog react when Uncle Andrew tries to talk to him?

3. What does Digory do that makes him long to taste the fruit?

4. What is the Witch's mistake when she is trying to tempt Digory to abandon his quest?

5. Why did the Cabby live in London?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Strawberry the horse remember about his old life in London?

2. What does the Lion do that Digory does not expect?

3. What things show that the place they have come to is a new world that is just beginning?

4. Which animals and creatures does Aslan call apart and why?

5. What is the first clue that the travelers are nearing the orchard where Digory has to pick the apple?

6. What effect does arriving in the Wood Between the Worlds have on the characters?

7. Explain the first joke in your own words.

8. In what way is the treatment of Uncle Andrew an example of poetic justice?

9. What arguments does the Witch use to try to persuade Digory to eat the apple himself or take it home to his mother? Give at least two for each.

10. What will happen to the Witch now that she has eaten an apple?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare Digory's house in London at the start of the book and what it is like at the end. How has the house changed? Consider physical changes, and also symbolic changes with respect to the theme of Life versus Death.

Part 1: Describe Digory's house at the beginning of the novel.

Part 2: Describe how Digory's house changes by the end of the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the character of Uncle Andrew. Which of the adjectives below best describes him? Give examples of his actions and words to explain your decision.

Choose one of the following:






Essay Topic 3

The mountain garden where Digory takes the Apple of Life from is intended to represent or be the Narnian equivalent of the Garden of Eden. Describe the mountain garden in your own words, and explain what it does and does not have in common with the mythical Garden of Eden.

(Note: if appropriate, another mythological or legendary garden can be substituted for the Garden of Eden).

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