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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does Digory not see in the landscape when he looks west?
(a) Ice-covered mountains
(b) Huge cliffs
(c) A waterfall
(d) A green valley

2. What is it about the Tree of Protection that will keep the Witch away?
(a) The smell of the apples will kill her.
(b) The sight of the apples will blind her.
(c) The smell of the apples will fill her with horror.
(d) The leaves of the tree will stab her like daggers.

3. Which of the following is one difference between the stars Digory is used to seeing in our world and the stars in this new world?
(a) They swirl in a complicated dance through the night sky.
(b) A constellation in the shape of a lion dominates the night.
(c) They are singing along with the First Voice.
(d) They are multicolored rather than just being white or whitish.

4. How does the Bulldog react when Uncle Andrew tries to talk to him?
(a) He is infuriated about being called a Good Doggie.
(b) He does not understand what Uncle Andrew is saying.
(c) He realizes that Uncle Andrew is the same sort of creature as the Cabby and the children.
(d) He laughs at Uncle Andrew's fright.

5. What would have happened if someone had taken an apple to plant a Tree of Protection without permission?
(a) Nothing would happen - the magic would not work with a stolen apple.
(b) Everybody in Narnia would be killed by the smell of the apples.
(c) Narnia would have become a cruel country like Charn.
(d) Nothing different would happen - Narnia would be a kind land kept safe from the Witch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Aslan that the Witch has eaten an apple already?

2. Which of the following characters does not get dragged into the Wood Between the Worlds?

3. Which direction do the golden gates face?

4. From what did the lamp post grow?

5. What is the name of Uncle Andrew's cousin who was in the Yeomanry?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the song affect the characters?

2. Why is Uncle Andrew so frightened?

3. What will happen to the Witch now that she has eaten an apple?

4. What are Pollly and Digory concerned about?

5. What does Strawberry the horse remember about his old life in London?

6. Where do the dwarfs obtain the materials to make the crowns from?

7. What things are prohibited in the garden?

8. What things show that the place they have come to is a new world that is just beginning?

9. What does Digory have to do and why?

10. Why does Aslan transform Strawberry into a flying horse and re-name him?

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