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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the children shelter for the night?
(a) Under Fledge's wings
(b) In a small cave
(c) Under a bush
(d) In a hollow tree

2. What does Uncle Andrew say that raises Digory's hopes and makes him very excited?
(a) The boy's gone mad.
(b) I never dreamt of Magic like this.
(c) The Land of Youth.
(d) A dem fine woman.

3. Which of the following is one difference between the stars Digory is used to seeing in our world and the stars in this new world?
(a) They are singing along with the First Voice.
(b) They are multicolored rather than just being white or whitish.
(c) They swirl in a complicated dance through the night sky.
(d) A constellation in the shape of a lion dominates the night.

4. Which of the following does not happen when the Lion gives the animals the gift of speech and reason?
(a) The Lion breathes on them.
(b) The earth shakes beneath them.
(c) The stars sing again.
(d) Something like fire flashes out.

5. What is the first thing that Digory does in the morning?
(a) He searches for the toffee tree.
(b) He has a swim or wash in a mountain river.
(c) He eats some of the fruit from the toffee tree.
(d) He has a drink from the river.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Cabby's wife?

2. What is the name of the land to the south of Narnia?

3. Who tells Aslan that the Witch has eaten an apple already?

4. Which of the following flowers are not growing close to where they are standing?

5. Which ring does Uncle Andrew try to steal from Digory?

Short Essay Questions

1. What signs show that some magic is being worked on the animals chosen by the Lion?

2. What happens to the iron bar the Witch tore off the lamp-post?

3. What effect does arriving in the Wood Between the Worlds have on the characters?

4. Why do the animals not know what Uncle Andrew is?

5. Why does Aslan call the Cabby's wife into Narnia?

6. Why does Aslan transform Strawberry into a flying horse and re-name him?

7. Where do the dwarfs obtain the materials to make the crowns from?

8. What things show that the place they have come to is a new world that is just beginning?

9. Why does Digory suggest that Polly use her ring to go home?

10. What is the first clue that the travelers are nearing the orchard where Digory has to pick the apple?

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