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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What expressions are seen on the faces at the beginning of the row of images?
(a) Proud and cruel
(b) Solemn and dignified
(c) Wise and cruel
(d) Kind and wise

2. What does Aunt Letty fall onto?
(a) The drawing room sofa.
(b) The matress she had been mending.
(c) Bare boards.
(d) The carpet in the sitting room.

3. What do the children use to see where they are in the tunnel?
(a) Candles
(b) Nothing - they feel their way in the dark
(c) Lanterns
(d) Flashlights

4. What expected result of being underwater does not happen when using the magic of the pools?
(a) Getting water trapped in your ears
(b) Getting waterlogged or wrinkled skin
(c) Getting wet
(d) Having your ears pop

5. Which of the following does Polly not keep in the "smugglers' cave"?
(a) A story she is writing
(b) A store of toffee
(c) Ginger beer
(d) Apples

Short Answer Questions

1. What color of stone has been used to build the old palace in which they find themselves?

2. What is Digory's last name?

3. How is Digory able to read the writing on the pillar?

4. What two living things (other than trees) does Digory see in the wood?

5. What is stopping all the clothes from rotting away?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the first things that Digory sees when he comes out of the pool and how does he react?

2. Why is the Wood like the tunnel that the children had explored in the houses?

3. Why did Uncle Andrew need two children for his "experiment" with the rings?

4. What is ironic about the chief policeman's question to Uncle Andrew?

5. Name three ways that Polly's attitude differs from Digory's in this chapter.

6. What makes the children lose their fear of Uncle Andrew?

7. What does Digory plan to do with his magic rings?

8. What does Aunt Letty believe about Jadis?

9. What do the children quarrel about?

10. From the expressions on the faces of the images, what can be deduced about the history of the place they have found themselves in?

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