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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what did the lamp post grow?
(a) It sprang from the ground in response to the Lion's song.
(b) The iron bar Jadis threw at the Lion
(c) We are not told
(d) A piece of scrap metal dropped by Uncle Andrew

2. Which of the following animals or creatures is not summoned to the council by Aslan?
(a) The Jackdaw
(b) The Bull Elephant
(c) The River God
(d) The He-Owl

3. Which facial feature does the Elephant not recognize Uncle Andrew as having?
(a) A chin
(b) A nose
(c) Eyebrows
(d) Lips

4. How many policemen does Jadis knock out using the bar from the lamp-post?
(a) Two
(b) Five
(c) One
(d) Three

5. What did the animals decide to call Uncle Andrew and why?
(a) They called him Brandy because he made that noise so often.
(b) They called him Brainless because he seemed so stupid.
(c) They called him Neevil, because that is what they thought Aslan had called him.
(d) They called him Brandy because this is what he smelt like.

6. How many toffees does Polly have in her pocket?
(a) We are not told
(b) Seven
(c) Ten
(d) Nine

7. Which of the following do the animals not try to feed Uncle Andrew with?
(a) Mushrooms
(b) Nuts
(c) Honey
(d) Worms

8. Which way is the river flowing in the new world?
(a) Towards the east
(b) Towards the west
(c) Towards the south
(d) Towards the north

9. What happens to the Cabby's voice as he speaks with Aslan?
(a) His Cockney accent becomes more pronounced.
(b) It becomes quicker and sharper.
(c) It becomes slower and richer as he loses his Cockney accent.
(d) It becomes deeper and more musical.

10. Why do the animals chase Uncle Andrew?
(a) They are curious as to what he is.
(b) They are hungry and want to eat him.
(c) They want to take him to Aslan.
(d) They are teasing him because they think he is funny.

11. What finally convinced all the animals that Uncle Andrew was not a tree?
(a) Frank and Helen told them he was human.
(b) Aslan told them he was a human.
(c) He began to talk to them once he revived.
(d) He began to scream and howl.

12. Which animal first says that Uncle Andrew is a sort of tree?
(a) The Bulldog
(b) The Bear
(c) The Warthog
(d) The Tapir

13. What color are Strawberry's new wings?
(a) Copper and silver
(b) Copper and chestnut
(c) Red and gold
(d) Blue and silver

14. What does Digory do that makes him long to taste the fruit?
(a) He polishes it and feels the smooth skin.
(b) He looks at it closely and smells it.
(c) He looks at all the other fruit on the tree.
(d) He smells it and rubs it against his cheek.

15. Why wasn't Uncle Andrew able to hear the animals talking?
(a) He was standing too far away to hear what was going on.
(b) He was too intent on trying to steal the rings that he never noticed they were speaking.
(c) He had successfully persuaded himself that this was impossible and they were only making ordinary noises.
(d) The evil of his magic had affected him so that he was incapable of hearing this good magic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Cabby live in London?

2. Which of the following does Digory not see in the landscape when he looks west?

3. From where do Frank (the Cabby) and Helen get their royal robes?

4. Which of the following characters does not get dragged into the Wood Between the Worlds?

5. What is the first thing that the Witch tempts Digory to do?

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