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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Fledge and Polly originally planned to do on reaching the garden?
(a) Sleeping on the grass outside
(b) Coming in with Digory
(c) Waiting outside for Digory
(d) Holding the gates open for Digory

2. From where do Frank (the Cabby) and Helen get their royal robes?
(a) We are not told.
(b) The naiads weave them.
(c) Aslan creates them by magic.
(d) All the birds and animals give feathers, silk and wool as gifts, and these are used for making the robes.

3. Which way is the river flowing in the new world?
(a) Towards the east
(b) Towards the south
(c) Towards the north
(d) Towards the west

4. How many toffees does Polly have in her pocket?
(a) Nine
(b) We are not told
(c) Ten
(d) Seven

5. What does the Rabbit think that the humans are?
(a) A type of large lettuce.
(b) A type of tree.
(c) A strange sort of animal.
(d) A type of multicolored bird.

6. Who tells Aslan that the Witch has eaten an apple already?
(a) Polly
(b) Fledge
(c) Digory
(d) Uncle Andrew

7. Which facial feature does the Elephant not recognize Uncle Andrew as having?
(a) A chin
(b) Eyebrows
(c) Lips
(d) A nose

8. Who asks Aslan if Polly can go with Digory?
(a) Digory
(b) The Cabby
(c) Helen
(d) Polly

9. What effect has the stolen apple had on the Witch?
(a) She has become the most beautiful and wise being in all worlds.
(b) Nothing has happened, because she stole the apple.
(c) The apple is slowly poisoning her and will eventually kill her.
(d) She has eternal youth and strength like a goddess.

10. Which ring does Uncle Andrew try to steal from Digory?
(a) Both of his rings
(b) None - Uncle Andrew tries to steal Polly's rings.
(c) The green ring
(d) The yellow ring

11. Who of the following does Uncle Andrew blame for the troubles he is now in?
(a) Queen Jadis
(b) His godmother
(c) Digory
(d) Himself

12. What does Aslan ask Digory to tell the other councilors?
(a) What is wrong with his mother
(b) How they found the Witch
(c) Why he wants Aslan to give him something
(d) How the Witch came to Narnia

13. Had the Cabby ever fought before?
(a) Yes, but only with his fists.
(b) No - he is a pacifist.
(c) Yes - he rode Strawberry's father in cavalry charges.
(d) No - he is a bit of a soft person.

14. Which of the following is one difference between the stars Digory is used to seeing in our world and the stars in this new world?
(a) A constellation in the shape of a lion dominates the night.
(b) They are singing along with the First Voice.
(c) They are multicolored rather than just being white or whitish.
(d) They swirl in a complicated dance through the night sky.

15. What is the name of the Cabby's wife?
(a) Nellie or Helen
(b) Nellie or Ellen
(c) Helen or Hetty
(d) Elanor or Ellie

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the members of the crowd try to attack Jadis?

2. What happens when Digory reaches Aslan and his council?

3. What is the name of the land to the south of Narnia?

4. What do the children smell when Fledge lands for the night?

5. What does Uncle Andrew say that raises Digory's hopes and makes him very excited?

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