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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who of the following does Uncle Andrew blame for the troubles he is now in?
(a) Queen Jadis
(b) His godmother
(c) Digory
(d) Himself

2. Why wasn't Uncle Andrew able to hear the animals talking?
(a) He was standing too far away to hear what was going on.
(b) The evil of his magic had affected him so that he was incapable of hearing this good magic.
(c) He was too intent on trying to steal the rings that he never noticed they were speaking.
(d) He had successfully persuaded himself that this was impossible and they were only making ordinary noises.

3. What did the animals decide to call Uncle Andrew and why?
(a) They called him Brandy because this is what he smelt like.
(b) They called him Brainless because he seemed so stupid.
(c) They called him Brandy because he made that noise so often.
(d) They called him Neevil, because that is what they thought Aslan had called him.

4. What does Digory do that makes him long to taste the fruit?
(a) He smells it and rubs it against his cheek.
(b) He polishes it and feels the smooth skin.
(c) He looks at all the other fruit on the tree.
(d) He looks at it closely and smells it.

5. What gems are used to set the crowns?
(a) Emeralds in King Frank's and rubies in Queen Helen's
(b) Rubies in King Frank's and emeralds in Queen Helen's
(c) Diamonds in King Frank's and sapphires in Queen Helen's
(d) Amethysts in King Frank's and diamonds in Queen Helen's

6. Which of the following does not happen when the Lion gives the animals the gift of speech and reason?
(a) The stars sing again.
(b) Something like fire flashes out.
(c) The earth shakes beneath them.
(d) The Lion breathes on them.

7. How do the members of the crowd try to attack Jadis?
(a) They throw stones at her.
(b) They don't attack her at all, because they are too frightened.
(c) They mob her, trying to kick and punch her.
(d) Somebody tries to spray her with a garden hose.

8. What is it about the Tree of Protection that will keep the Witch away?
(a) The leaves of the tree will stab her like daggers.
(b) The sight of the apples will blind her.
(c) The smell of the apples will fill her with horror.
(d) The smell of the apples will kill her.

9. From what did the lamp post grow?
(a) A piece of scrap metal dropped by Uncle Andrew
(b) It sprang from the ground in response to the Lion's song.
(c) We are not told
(d) The iron bar Jadis threw at the Lion

10. What sort of tree suddenly springs up close to Digory?
(a) An oak tree
(b) A beech tree
(c) A pine tree
(d) A fir tree

11. Which of the following mythological beings does not appear after the Lion's words?
(a) Dryads
(b) Naiads
(c) Dwarfs
(d) Satyrs

12. What does Aslan ask Digory to tell the other councilors?
(a) How the Witch came to Narnia
(b) Why he wants Aslan to give him something
(c) How they found the Witch
(d) What is wrong with his mother

13. What do the children smell when Fledge lands for the night?
(a) Pine trees and mushrooms
(b) Fresh fruit and dry grass
(c) Woodsmoke and wildflowers
(d) Earth, grass and flowers

14. Why do the animals decide to plant Uncle Andrew the right way up?
(a) His hair is the wrong color for roots to be.
(b) His trousers were wetter, so they must be the roots.
(c) His trousers are muddier so they must be the roots.
(d) They wanted to be on the safe side just in case he turned out to be an animal.

15. What is the name of the Cabby's wife?
(a) Nellie or Helen
(b) Elanor or Ellie
(c) Helen or Hetty
(d) Nellie or Ellen

Short Answer Questions

1. Which facial feature does the Elephant not recognize Uncle Andrew as having?

2. Which of the following does Digory not see in the landscape when he looks west?

3. What does Aslan do to Uncle Andrew?

4. Which animals look like trees when they first appear?

5. How far away is the Lion from Digory and the others?

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