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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Aslan that the Witch has eaten an apple already?
(a) Uncle Andrew
(b) Fledge
(c) Polly
(d) Digory

2. What is the Witch's mistake when she is trying to tempt Digory to abandon his quest?
(a) She accuses Digory of being cruel and pitiless.
(b) She says that Aslan is a wild animal.
(c) She tells Digory to do something that Digory's mother would disapprove of.
(d) She suggests that he should cover up the truth by leaving Polly behind.

3. Why do the animals chase Uncle Andrew?
(a) They are hungry and want to eat him.
(b) They are curious as to what he is.
(c) They are teasing him because they think he is funny.
(d) They want to take him to Aslan.

4. Where does the Jackdaw perch after making (or being) the First Joke?
(a) In the branch of a tree
(b) On Digory's shoulder
(c) On the cab-horse's head
(d) On the back of the Lion

5. Who of the following does Uncle Andrew blame for the troubles he is now in?
(a) His godmother
(b) Queen Jadis
(c) Himself
(d) Digory

6. Which of the following flowers are not growing close to where they are standing?
(a) Buttercups
(b) Lilac
(c) Daffodils
(d) Rhododendrons

7. Which facial feature does the Elephant not recognize Uncle Andrew as having?
(a) A chin
(b) A nose
(c) Lips
(d) Eyebrows

8. What is the name of the land to the south of Narnia?
(a) Alpinland
(b) Arrowtown
(c) Archenland
(d) Arkenstone

9. What had Fledge and Polly originally planned to do on reaching the garden?
(a) Coming in with Digory
(b) Sleeping on the grass outside
(c) Holding the gates open for Digory
(d) Waiting outside for Digory

10. Which of the following is one difference between the stars Digory is used to seeing in our world and the stars in this new world?
(a) A constellation in the shape of a lion dominates the night.
(b) They swirl in a complicated dance through the night sky.
(c) They are singing along with the First Voice.
(d) They are multicolored rather than just being white or whitish.

11. How many toffees does Polly have in her pocket?
(a) Nine
(b) Ten
(c) Seven
(d) We are not told

12. How far away is the Lion from Digory and the others?
(a) Three yards
(b) Three hundred yards
(c) Three hundred feet
(d) Thirty yards

13. Which animal brings Uncle Andrew to Aslan?
(a) The Elephant
(b) The Bear
(c) Fledge
(d) The Bulldog

14. What is the first event the travelers notice in the darkness?
(a) A song begins.
(b) A line of white light appears on the horizon.
(c) Hundreds of stars suddenlly appear.
(d) A golden lion appears in front of them.

15. What did the animals decide to call Uncle Andrew and why?
(a) They called him Brandy because he made that noise so often.
(b) They called him Neevil, because that is what they thought Aslan had called him.
(c) They called him Brandy because this is what he smelt like.
(d) They called him Brainless because he seemed so stupid.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Uncle Andrew smell?

2. Which of the following animals or creatures is not summoned to the council by Aslan?

3. Which animal first tries talking to Uncle Andrew?

4. What is the name of Uncle Andrew's cousin who was in the Yeomanry?

5. What other creatures are flying in the air with Fledge and the children?

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