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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the animals decide to plant Uncle Andrew the right way up?
(a) They wanted to be on the safe side just in case he turned out to be an animal.
(b) His hair is the wrong color for roots to be.
(c) His trousers were wetter, so they must be the roots.
(d) His trousers are muddier so they must be the roots.

2. Which of the following does Digory not see in the landscape when he looks west?
(a) A waterfall
(b) A green valley
(c) Huge cliffs
(d) Ice-covered mountains

3. At what time of day do Fledge and the children arrive back in Narnia?
(a) At sunset
(b) At midday
(c) In the middle of the afternoon
(d) Just as the stars are coming out

4. What had Fledge and Polly originally planned to do on reaching the garden?
(a) Waiting outside for Digory
(b) Sleeping on the grass outside
(c) Coming in with Digory
(d) Holding the gates open for Digory

5. What finally convinced all the animals that Uncle Andrew was not a tree?
(a) He began to scream and howl.
(b) Frank and Helen told them he was human.
(c) He began to talk to them once he revived.
(d) Aslan told them he was a human.

6. What does the Cabby think has happened to them?
(a) He thinks they have fallen down some diggings for the London Underground.
(b) He knows that they are traveling by magic.
(c) He thinks they have fallen down a mineshaft.
(d) He thinks that they have died.

7. Why does the Bear fall over?
(a) He trips over a branch.
(b) He trips over Uncle Andrew.
(c) The other bear pushes him over.
(d) He loses his balance because he is not meant to stand on his hind legs.

8. What distinctive piece of clothing does the Cabby wear?
(a) A top hat
(b) A bowler hat
(c) A Norfolk suit
(d) A frock coat

9. Which of the following does the writing on the gate not warn against?
(a) Climbing the wall
(b) Stealing the fruit
(c) Closing the gates
(d) Taking the fruit for yourself

10. What is the first thing that Digory does in the morning?
(a) He has a swim or wash in a mountain river.
(b) He has a drink from the river.
(c) He searches for the toffee tree.
(d) He eats some of the fruit from the toffee tree.

11. What change comes over the smaller animals like rabbits and moles?
(a) They grow much larger.
(b) They grow slightly smaller.
(c) Their ears grow longer.
(d) Their fur changes colour.

12. Which of the following flowers are not growing close to where they are standing?
(a) Rhododendrons
(b) Daffodils
(c) Buttercups
(d) Lilac

13. What color are the fruits on the toffee tree?
(a) Brown
(b) White
(c) Red
(d) Green

14. Why do the animals chase Uncle Andrew?
(a) They want to take him to Aslan.
(b) They are hungry and want to eat him.
(c) They are curious as to what he is.
(d) They are teasing him because they think he is funny.

15. What does the Rabbit think that the humans are?
(a) A type of tree.
(b) A type of multicolored bird.
(c) A strange sort of animal.
(d) A type of large lettuce.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uncle Andrew say that raises Digory's hopes and makes him very excited?

2. What color are Strawberry's new wings?

3. What does Aslan ask Digory to tell the other councilors?

4. Where is the Witch living now?

5. What is it about the Tree of Protection that will keep the Witch away?

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