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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other creatures are flying in the air with Fledge and the children?
(a) Pigeons
(b) Hawks
(c) Eagles
(d) Dragons

2. What does Digory do that makes him long to taste the fruit?
(a) He looks at it closely and smells it.
(b) He polishes it and feels the smooth skin.
(c) He smells it and rubs it against his cheek.
(d) He looks at all the other fruit on the tree.

3. What happens to the Cabby's voice as he speaks with Aslan?
(a) It becomes deeper and more musical.
(b) It becomes quicker and sharper.
(c) His Cockney accent becomes more pronounced.
(d) It becomes slower and richer as he loses his Cockney accent.

4. What does Aslan do to Uncle Andrew?
(a) He makes Uncle Andrew too afraid to come back again.
(b) He makes Uncle Andrew fall asleep.
(c) He makes Uncle Andrew able to hear his voice.
(d) He roars at him and makes him faint again.

5. What does the Cabby think has happened to them?
(a) He thinks that they have died.
(b) He knows that they are traveling by magic.
(c) He thinks they have fallen down a mineshaft.
(d) He thinks they have fallen down some diggings for the London Underground.

6. Who is the first to wake up in the morning?
(a) Fledge
(b) They all wake at the same time
(c) Digory
(d) Polly

7. What had Fledge and Polly originally planned to do on reaching the garden?
(a) Coming in with Digory
(b) Sleeping on the grass outside
(c) Waiting outside for Digory
(d) Holding the gates open for Digory

8. What is the first thing that Digory does in the morning?
(a) He searches for the toffee tree.
(b) He has a drink from the river.
(c) He has a swim or wash in a mountain river.
(d) He eats some of the fruit from the toffee tree.

9. Of what does Uncle Andrew smell?
(a) Brandy and cigars
(b) Brandy and cigarettes.
(c) Aftershave and lavender.
(d) Pipe-smoke and whisky.

10. What effect has the stolen apple had on the Witch?
(a) Nothing has happened, because she stole the apple.
(b) She has eternal youth and strength like a goddess.
(c) She has become the most beautiful and wise being in all worlds.
(d) The apple is slowly poisoning her and will eventually kill her.

11. Which facial feature does the Elephant not recognize Uncle Andrew as having?
(a) A chin
(b) Lips
(c) A nose
(d) Eyebrows

12. What do the children smell when Fledge lands for the night?
(a) Woodsmoke and wildflowers
(b) Fresh fruit and dry grass
(c) Pine trees and mushrooms
(d) Earth, grass and flowers

13. From where do Frank (the Cabby) and Helen get their royal robes?
(a) We are not told.
(b) The naiads weave them.
(c) All the birds and animals give feathers, silk and wool as gifts, and these are used for making the robes.
(d) Aslan creates them by magic.

14. Which of the following coins does not fall out of Uncle Andrew's pocket?
(a) A half-sovereign
(b) A sixpence
(c) A penny
(d) A half-crown

15. What color are Strawberry's new wings?
(a) Copper and silver
(b) Copper and chestnut
(c) Red and gold
(d) Blue and silver

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the children shelter for the night?

2. Why does Digory want to speak to Aslan?

3. Which of the following does the writing on the gate not warn against?

4. Who of the following does Uncle Andrew blame for the troubles he is now in?

5. Which of the following characters does not get dragged into the Wood Between the Worlds?

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