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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the animals decide to call Uncle Andrew and why?
(a) They called him Brandy because he made that noise so often.
(b) They called him Neevil, because that is what they thought Aslan had called him.
(c) They called him Brandy because this is what he smelt like.
(d) They called him Brainless because he seemed so stupid.

2. Who of the following does Uncle Andrew blame for the troubles he is now in?
(a) His godmother
(b) Queen Jadis
(c) Himself
(d) Digory

3. Which season did the Cabby find the most unpleasant for him to work in?
(a) Summer
(b) Spring
(c) Winter
(d) Fall/Autumn

4. Which direction do the golden gates face?
(a) West
(b) South
(c) North
(d) East

5. What begins to grow on the higher slopes of the distant mountains?
(a) Fir trees
(b) Grass
(c) Heather
(d) Primroses

6. Which animal first says that Uncle Andrew is a sort of tree?
(a) The Tapir
(b) The Warthog
(c) The Bear
(d) The Bulldog

7. Who tells Aslan that the Witch has eaten an apple already?
(a) Polly
(b) Uncle Andrew
(c) Digory
(d) Fledge

8. Why did the Cabby live in London?
(a) He was a Cockney born and bred and didn't want to leave London ever.
(b) He could find work there, but not in the countryside where he grew up.
(c) He wanted to sing in the choir of St Paul's Cathedral.
(d) He moved there because that is where his wife's family lives.

9. From where do Frank (the Cabby) and Helen get their royal robes?
(a) Aslan creates them by magic.
(b) The naiads weave them.
(c) All the birds and animals give feathers, silk and wool as gifts, and these are used for making the robes.
(d) We are not told.

10. What other creatures are flying in the air with Fledge and the children?
(a) Pigeons
(b) Dragons
(c) Eagles
(d) Hawks

11. What is the first thing that the Witch tempts Digory to do?
(a) Throw the apple away
(b) Give her the apple
(c) Take the apple home for his mother
(d) Eat the apple and live forever

12. What does the Lion do that surprises Digory?
(a) He begins to sing again.
(b) He agrees to give him something to cure his mother.
(c) He cries in sympathy for Digory.
(d) He makes Digory feel ridiculous.

13. Who asks Aslan if Polly can go with Digory?
(a) Helen
(b) Digory
(c) The Cabby
(d) Polly

14. Which of the following does not happen when the Lion gives the animals the gift of speech and reason?
(a) The earth shakes beneath them.
(b) Something like fire flashes out.
(c) The Lion breathes on them.
(d) The stars sing again.

15. What does Uncle Andrew say that raises Digory's hopes and makes him very excited?
(a) The Land of Youth.
(b) I never dreamt of Magic like this.
(c) The boy's gone mad.
(d) A dem fine woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many policemen does Jadis knock out using the bar from the lamp-post?

2. How do the members of the crowd try to attack Jadis?

3. What is the name of Uncle Andrew's cousin who was in the Yeomanry?

4. What was the Cabby's wife doing when Aslan calls her into Narnia?

5. What does the Lion ask Digory to fetch and why?

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