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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the land to the south of Narnia?
(a) Alpinland
(b) Arrowtown
(c) Archenland
(d) Arkenstone

2. What was the Cabby's wife doing when Aslan calls her into Narnia?
(a) Sewing shirts
(b) Washing clothes
(c) Making soap
(d) Baking bread

3. Which direction does Digory think the song in the darkness comes from?
(a) From overhead.
(b) From the ground beneath him.
(c) He cannot tell.
(d) From his left.

4. What happens when Digory reaches Aslan and his council?
(a) Aslan and the others do not see him, so Digory has to interrupt.
(b) Aslan and the councillors turn angrily on Digory.
(c) Aslan and the others ignore Digory and start walking away.
(d) Aslan tells the councillors to make way so that Digory can approach.

5. Which season did the Cabby find the most unpleasant for him to work in?
(a) Summer
(b) Spring
(c) Winter
(d) Fall/Autumn

6. Why did the Cabby live in London?
(a) He wanted to sing in the choir of St Paul's Cathedral.
(b) He moved there because that is where his wife's family lives.
(c) He could find work there, but not in the countryside where he grew up.
(d) He was a Cockney born and bred and didn't want to leave London ever.

7. What is the first event the travelers notice in the darkness?
(a) A line of white light appears on the horizon.
(b) A golden lion appears in front of them.
(c) A song begins.
(d) Hundreds of stars suddenlly appear.

8. Which of the following flowers are not growing close to where they are standing?
(a) Daffodils
(b) Lilac
(c) Rhododendrons
(d) Buttercups

9. Why does Digory want to speak to Aslan?
(a) He wants to ask for something to cure his mother.
(b) He wants to ask Aslan to make Uncle Andrew give up magic.
(c) He wants to apologize to Aslan about bringing the Witch into the world.
(d) He wants Aslan to send them home again.

10. Which direction do the golden gates face?
(a) North
(b) East
(c) South
(d) West

11. Why do the animals decide to plant Uncle Andrew the right way up?
(a) His hair is the wrong color for roots to be.
(b) His trousers are muddier so they must be the roots.
(c) His trousers were wetter, so they must be the roots.
(d) They wanted to be on the safe side just in case he turned out to be an animal.

12. Which of the following characters does not get dragged into the Wood Between the Worlds?
(a) Uncle Andrew
(b) The Cabby
(c) A policeman
(d) The Witch

13. What color are the apples that Digory has to pick?
(a) Gold
(b) Red
(c) Green
(d) Silver

14. What does Digory do that makes him long to taste the fruit?
(a) He looks at all the other fruit on the tree.
(b) He looks at it closely and smells it.
(c) He polishes it and feels the smooth skin.
(d) He smells it and rubs it against his cheek.

15. Why does the Bear fall over?
(a) He loses his balance because he is not meant to stand on his hind legs.
(b) The other bear pushes him over.
(c) He trips over Uncle Andrew.
(d) He trips over a branch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing that Digory does in the morning?

2. In which direction is the Lion walking as it sings?

3. What happens to the Cabby's voice as he speaks with Aslan?

4. What is the Witch's mistake when she is trying to tempt Digory to abandon his quest?

5. Of what does Uncle Andrew smell?

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