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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does Digory not see in the landscape when he looks west?
(a) A waterfall
(b) A green valley
(c) Ice-covered mountains
(d) Huge cliffs

2. Which of the following does not happen when the Lion gives the animals the gift of speech and reason?
(a) The stars sing again.
(b) Something like fire flashes out.
(c) The earth shakes beneath them.
(d) The Lion breathes on them.

3. What sort of tree suddenly springs up close to Digory?
(a) A pine tree
(b) An oak tree
(c) A fir tree
(d) A beech tree

4. What happens to the Cabby's voice as he speaks with Aslan?
(a) His Cockney accent becomes more pronounced.
(b) It becomes deeper and more musical.
(c) It becomes quicker and sharper.
(d) It becomes slower and richer as he loses his Cockney accent.

5. What does Aslan do to Uncle Andrew?
(a) He makes Uncle Andrew able to hear his voice.
(b) He makes Uncle Andrew fall asleep.
(c) He makes Uncle Andrew too afraid to come back again.
(d) He roars at him and makes him faint again.

6. What did the animals decide to call Uncle Andrew and why?
(a) They called him Brainless because he seemed so stupid.
(b) They called him Brandy because this is what he smelt like.
(c) They called him Brandy because he made that noise so often.
(d) They called him Neevil, because that is what they thought Aslan had called him.

7. Had the Cabby ever fought before?
(a) No - he is a bit of a soft person.
(b) Yes - he rode Strawberry's father in cavalry charges.
(c) Yes, but only with his fists.
(d) No - he is a pacifist.

8. What does the Cabby think has happened to them?
(a) He knows that they are traveling by magic.
(b) He thinks they have fallen down some diggings for the London Underground.
(c) He thinks they have fallen down a mineshaft.
(d) He thinks that they have died.

9. What gems are used to set the crowns?
(a) Diamonds in King Frank's and sapphires in Queen Helen's
(b) Emeralds in King Frank's and rubies in Queen Helen's
(c) Amethysts in King Frank's and diamonds in Queen Helen's
(d) Rubies in King Frank's and emeralds in Queen Helen's

10. Why do the animals chase Uncle Andrew?
(a) They are teasing him because they think he is funny.
(b) They want to take him to Aslan.
(c) They are curious as to what he is.
(d) They are hungry and want to eat him.

11. Where is the Witch living now?
(a) In the west
(b) In the south
(c) In the north
(d) In the east

12. What finally convinced all the animals that Uncle Andrew was not a tree?
(a) Aslan told them he was a human.
(b) Frank and Helen told them he was human.
(c) He began to talk to them once he revived.
(d) He began to scream and howl.

13. What do the children smell when Fledge lands for the night?
(a) Fresh fruit and dry grass
(b) Earth, grass and flowers
(c) Pine trees and mushrooms
(d) Woodsmoke and wildflowers

14. In which direction is the Lion walking as it sings?
(a) Southward
(b) Northward
(c) Westward
(d) Eastward

15. Which season did the Cabby find the most unpleasant for him to work in?
(a) Summer
(b) Spring
(c) Winter
(d) Fall/Autumn

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following coins does not fall out of Uncle Andrew's pocket?

2. What is the first thing that the Witch tempts Digory to do?

3. What was the Cabby's wife doing when Aslan calls her into Narnia?

4. What begins to grow on the higher slopes of the distant mountains?

5. Which of the following mythological beings does not appear after the Lion's words?

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