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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of ring takes you into the Wood between the Worlds?
(a) A green ring on your right hand and a yellow ring on your left
(b) A green ring
(c) A yellow ring
(d) Either of the rings - it doesn't matter which

2. What is Digory's last name?
(a) Plummer
(b) Pevensie
(c) Kirke
(d) Ketterley

3. What happens when they jump into the pools wearing the wrong rings?
(a) They sink in water up to their necks.
(b) The trees hiss and roar in a high wind.
(c) The surface of the water freezes over.
(d) They get their feet wet.

4. Which of the following did not happen to the guinea pigs that Uncle Andrew used for his experiments?
(a) They exploded
(b) They died
(c) They learned to speak
(d) They vanished

5. What color is the sun in that world?
(a) Purple
(b) Yellow
(c) Red
(d) Orange

6. What is the name of the Queen?
(a) Jadia
(b) Jagis
(c) Jasmine
(d) Jadis

7. What spells or curses would Jadis cast on Andrew if he disobeys or betrays her?
(a) Every chair he sat on would feel red hot, and he would find invisible ice in his bed.
(b) Every chair he sat on would feel like ice and his bed would feel red hot.
(c) She would turn him into a rattlesnake.
(d) She would command invisible demons to whip him.

8. How does Jadis get dragged from her world to the Wood?
(a) She uses her magic powers to follow the children.
(b) She is holding onto Polly's hair.
(c) She is holding onto Polly's hand.
(d) She is holding Digory's hand.

9. What do the children use to see where they are in the tunnel?
(a) Nothing - they feel their way in the dark
(b) Candles
(c) Lanterns
(d) Flashlights

10. What would Polly call Aunt Letty?
(a) Mrs Ketterley
(b) Miss Ketterley
(c) Miss Letty
(d) Miss Letitia

11. What season is it when Digory and Polly decide to explore the houses?
(a) Winter
(b) Summer
(c) Spring
(d) Fall/Autumn

12. How is a yellow ring attached to the guinea pig?
(a) It is tied on by a tape or ribbon around the guinea pig's middle.
(b) It is wedged onto the guinea pig's nose.
(c) It is hanging off the guinea pig's tail.
(d) The guinea pig is wearing the ring on its paw.

13. What is distinctive about the doors leading into the Hall of Images?
(a) They look as though they are made of gold.
(b) They have magical writing carved into the wood.
(c) They are studded with precious gems.
(d) They are made of a mysterious black metal.

14. Which of the following does Jadis not suggest as a means of transport?
(a) A chariot
(b) A flying carpet
(c) A golden coach
(d) A tame dragon

15. What was the name of Uncle Andrew's godmother?
(a) Mrs Lefay
(b) Mrs Leaf
(c) Morgana Le Fay
(d) Miss Lefay

Short Answer Questions

1. What form of transport does Uncle Andrew order for the Witch and himself?

2. How many nobles did the Queen's great-grandfather kill in the banqueting hall?

3. How wide are the pools?

4. What has Jadis stolen from the jeweler's shop?

5. What is Aunt Letty doing when Uncle Andrew finds her?

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