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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Digory's last name?
(a) Ketterley
(b) Plummer
(c) Pevensie
(d) Kirke

2. Which of the following did not happen to the guinea pigs that Uncle Andrew used for his experiments?
(a) They learned to speak
(b) They exploded
(c) They vanished
(d) They died

3. What phrase best describes the palace in which they find themselves?
(a) Secret, lonely and mysterious
(b) Majestic, terrifying and awe-inspiring
(c) Cold, boring and stuffy
(d) Bleak, dead and desolate

4. What phrase does Uncle Andrew use to justify his unethical actions?
(a) I will not be talked to like that by a little, dirty schoolboy.
(b) I am the great scholar, the adept who is doing the experiment.
(c) Ours is a high and lonely destiny.
(d) You will keep looking at everything from the wrong point of view.

5. What emotion does the Queen show when she realizes the palace is breaking up?
(a) She thinks it is funny.
(b) She is furious.
(c) She is afraid.
(d) None - she is completely calm.

6. Where does the Ketterley family originate?
(a) Buckinghamshire
(b) Shropshire
(c) Yorkshire
(d) Dorsetshire

7. What happens when they jump into the pools wearing the wrong rings?
(a) The trees hiss and roar in a high wind.
(b) They sink in water up to their necks.
(c) The surface of the water freezes over.
(d) They get their feet wet.

8. Into which pocket does Digory put the green rings?
(a) Both his left and right pockets
(b) His left pocket
(c) His waistcoat pocket
(d) His right pocket

9. When does Polly let go of Digory's hand?
(a) When they enter the Hall of Images
(b) When Digory strikes the bell.
(c) As soon as they arrive in the new world.
(d) When he suggests she is afraid of exploring the ruin.

10. What is stopping all the clothes from rotting away?
(a) Strong magic spells preserve them.
(b) All the bacteria in that world are dead, as is everything else.
(c) They are made from indestructible fabrics.
(d) The chamber has been sealed for centuries.

11. What does Digory do before picking up the ring?
(a) He says a prayer.
(b) He buttons up his coat and takes a deep breath.
(c) He ties his shoelaces.
(d) He punches Uncle Andrew in the head.

12. What color of light does Digory notice overhead first after putting on the yellow ring?
(a) Yellow
(b) Green
(c) Purple
(d) White

13. What color of stone has been used to build the old palace in which they find themselves?
(a) White
(b) Red
(c) Black
(d) Grey

14. What color are the rings
(a) Green and blue
(b) Green and yellow
(c) Black and white
(d) Red and yellow

15. What is Digory afraid of now that the Witch/Queen is in London and in his house?
(a) He is afraid that Uncle Andrew and she will conquer the world.
(b) He is afraid that Polly will never forgive him.
(c) He is afraid that he, too, will sit on red hot chairs and have ice in his bed.
(d) He fears that she will go into his mother's room and frighten her to death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the children use to see where they are in the tunnel?

2. What happened to the river in Charn during the battle?

3. What expected result of being underwater does not happen when using the magic of the pools?

4. How does Jadis think that Uncle Andrew has seen her face?

5. How many nobles did the Queen's great-grandfather kill in the banqueting hall?

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