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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What spells or curses would Jadis cast on Andrew if he disobeys or betrays her?
(a) Every chair he sat on would feel red hot, and he would find invisible ice in his bed.
(b) She would turn him into a rattlesnake.
(c) She would command invisible demons to whip him.
(d) Every chair he sat on would feel like ice and his bed would feel red hot.

2. Who was riding in the hansom that the Witch was driving?
(a) A policeman
(b) The cabby
(c) Nobody
(d) Uncle Andrew

3. What was the name of Uncle Andrew's godmother?
(a) Morgana Le Fay
(b) Miss Lefay
(c) Mrs Lefay
(d) Mrs Leaf

4. What sort of ring takes you into the Wood between the Worlds?
(a) Either of the rings - it doesn't matter which
(b) A green ring on your right hand and a yellow ring on your left
(c) A green ring
(d) A yellow ring

5. What is most striking about the last queen, apart from her beauty?
(a) Her cruel expression
(b) Her fierceness and pride
(c) Her unbelievably long hair
(d) Her height and strength

6. In what city is this story set?
(a) Manchester
(b) New York
(c) London
(d) York

7. What does Uncle Andrew keep hidden in his wardrobe?
(a) Another set of magic rings.
(b) A bottle of spirits and a wine glass.
(c) A gold watch
(d) Some money

8. What would Polly call Aunt Letty?
(a) Miss Letty
(b) Mrs Ketterley
(c) Miss Ketterley
(d) Miss Letitia

9. What is the name of the Queen?
(a) Jagis
(b) Jadia
(c) Jadis
(d) Jasmine

10. What is Aunt Letty doing when Uncle Andrew finds her?
(a) She is mending a matress.
(b) She is doing embroidery.
(c) She is drinking tea.
(d) She is entertaining visitors.

11. What does Aunt Letty fall onto?
(a) Bare boards.
(b) The matress she had been mending.
(c) The carpet in the sitting room.
(d) The drawing room sofa.

12. What phrase best describes the palace in which they find themselves?
(a) Majestic, terrifying and awe-inspiring
(b) Cold, boring and stuffy
(c) Bleak, dead and desolate
(d) Secret, lonely and mysterious

13. What color is the sky in the new world?
(a) Streaks of yellow, blue and red
(b) Red
(c) Light blue
(d) A blue that is almost black.

14. What do the children use to see where they are in the tunnel?
(a) Nothing - they feel their way in the dark
(b) Candles
(c) Flashlights
(d) Lanterns

15. How does Jadis get dragged from her world to the Wood?
(a) She uses her magic powers to follow the children.
(b) She is holding onto Polly's hair.
(c) She is holding onto Polly's hand.
(d) She is holding Digory's hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is stopping all the clothes from rotting away?

2. What color is the sun in that world?

3. What smell does Digory notice while he is waiting?

4. How is Digory able to read the writing on the pillar?

5. Where does the Ketterley family originate?

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