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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many policemen are riding in the second hansom cab?
(a) Three
(b) Five
(c) One
(d) Two

2. Which of the following does Jadis not suggest as a means of transport?
(a) A tame dragon
(b) A chariot
(c) A flying carpet
(d) A golden coach

3. What happens when they jump into the pools wearing the wrong rings?
(a) They get their feet wet.
(b) The surface of the water freezes over.
(c) The trees hiss and roar in a high wind.
(d) They sink in water up to their necks.

4. Which phrase best describes the wood Digory finds himself in?
(a) Bleak, barren and sterile
(b) Alive, quiet and rich
(c) Noisy, exciting and lively
(d) Stuffy, drowsy and soporific

5. What unsettling thing does Digory hear one night coming from the attic?
(a) A strange humming sound
(b) A peculiar smell
(c) A weird flashing light
(d) A yell

6. Had Digory seen Mrs Lefay before?
(a) No - Uncle Andrew is lying about her
(b) Yes - she has visited the house
(c) Yes, but only in a photo
(d) No - he has never seen her before

7. What sculpture was once used as a fountain?
(a) A winged stone monster
(b) A flying horse
(c) A beautiful nymph
(d) A dolphin

8. How does Jadis think that Uncle Andrew has seen her face?
(a) In a book or great queens
(b) In a dream or vision
(c) In a crystal ball
(d) In a magic mirror or enchanted pool

9. What spells or curses would Jadis cast on Andrew if he disobeys or betrays her?
(a) She would turn him into a rattlesnake.
(b) She would command invisible demons to whip him.
(c) Every chair he sat on would feel like ice and his bed would feel red hot.
(d) Every chair he sat on would feel red hot, and he would find invisible ice in his bed.

10. What would Polly call Aunt Letty?
(a) Miss Letty
(b) Mrs Ketterley
(c) Miss Letitia
(d) Miss Ketterley

11. Who did Jadis fight for the throne?
(a) Her cousin
(b) Her sister
(c) Her father
(d) Her ex-husband

12. What does Uncle Andrew offer to Polly?
(a) A book
(b) A green ring
(c) A yellow ring
(d) A fountain pen

13. What does the Cabby tell Jadis to do?
(a) To go home until she is sober again.
(b) To stop whipping his horse.
(c) That she is a disgraceful hussy.
(d) Go home and have a cup of tea and a rest.

14. What color are the rings
(a) Red and yellow
(b) Green and blue
(c) Black and white
(d) Green and yellow

15. What does Aunt Letty fall onto?
(a) The matress she had been mending.
(b) The carpet in the sitting room.
(c) The drawing room sofa.
(d) Bare boards.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which piece of scientific equipment is on Uncle Andrew's desk?

2. What two living things (other than trees) does Digory see in the wood?

3. How do the children mark the pool leading back into our world?

4. Where was Mrs Lefay shut up?

5. What is the name of the Queen?

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