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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Andrew offer to Polly?
(a) A green ring
(b) A yellow ring
(c) A fountain pen
(d) A book

2. What interests Polly most about the Hall of Images?
(a) The jewels the figures are wearing.
(b) The faces of the people.
(c) The clothes the figures are wearing.
(d) The hairstyles of the women in the figures.

3. What expressions are seen on the faces at the beginning of the row of images?
(a) Proud and cruel
(b) Solemn and dignified
(c) Wise and cruel
(d) Kind and wise

4. Which possible fate does Uncle Andrew not suggest may happen to Polly if Digory does not go to rescue her?
(a) Drowning
(b) Starvation
(c) Being eaten by wild animals
(d) Slavery

5. How wide are the pools?
(a) Ten feet in radius.
(b) Ten yards from edge to edge.
(c) Ten feet from edge to edge.
(d) Twenty feet from edge to edge.

6. What color rings are the children wearing when they first jump into the new pool?
(a) They aren't wearing any rings.
(b) Yellow
(c) Polly is wearing a green ring, but Digory is wearing a yellow ring.
(d) Green

7. What fruit does the visitor bring for Digory's mother?
(a) Oranges
(b) Pineapples
(c) Cherries
(d) Grapes

8. What is the name of Digory's mother?
(a) Melanie
(b) Margaret
(c) Mabel
(d) Marianne

9. What happens when they jump into the pools wearing the wrong rings?
(a) They sink in water up to their necks.
(b) The surface of the water freezes over.
(c) The trees hiss and roar in a high wind.
(d) They get their feet wet.

10. Which of the following did not happen to the guinea pigs that Uncle Andrew used for his experiments?
(a) They vanished
(b) They died
(c) They learned to speak
(d) They exploded

11. What has Jadis stolen from the jeweler's shop?
(a) Sapphire earrings
(b) A diamond tiara
(c) A rope of pearls
(d) A diamond necklace

12. Why does Jadis study Uncle Andrew's face?
(a) She is looking for the Mark of an evil magician.
(b) She is trying to hypnotize him.
(c) She is reading his mind and heart.
(d) She is admiring his looks.

13. What is the name of the city?
(a) Charn
(b) Champignon
(c) Charybdis
(d) Charmaine

14. What does Uncle Andrew keep hidden in his wardrobe?
(a) Another set of magic rings.
(b) A gold watch
(c) Some money
(d) A bottle of spirits and a wine glass.

15. How is Digory able to read the writing on the pillar?
(a) It is written in English.
(b) The shape of the writing changes so he can read it.
(c) Magic enables him to understand it.
(d) A voice from the pillar recites the verse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What unsettling thing does Digory hear one night coming from the attic?

2. What color of light does Digory notice overhead first after putting on the yellow ring?

3. What two living things (other than trees) does Digory see in the wood?

4. Where does the Ketterley family originate?

5. What does the Cabby tell Jadis to do?

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