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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color are the rings
(a) Red and yellow
(b) Black and white
(c) Green and yellow
(d) Green and blue

2. What spells or curses would Jadis cast on Andrew if he disobeys or betrays her?
(a) She would turn him into a rattlesnake.
(b) Every chair he sat on would feel like ice and his bed would feel red hot.
(c) Every chair he sat on would feel red hot, and he would find invisible ice in his bed.
(d) She would command invisible demons to whip him.

3. What do the children use to see where they are in the tunnel?
(a) Nothing - they feel their way in the dark
(b) Lanterns
(c) Candles
(d) Flashlights

4. What sort of ring takes you into the Wood between the Worlds?
(a) A yellow ring
(b) A green ring
(c) Either of the rings - it doesn't matter which
(d) A green ring on your right hand and a yellow ring on your left

5. Which other classic children's book is not mentioned or referred to in this chapter?
(a) Treasure Island
(b) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
(c) Alice in Wonderland
(d) The Treasure Seekers (about the Bastable children)

6. What would Polly call Aunt Letty?
(a) Miss Letitia
(b) Mrs Ketterley
(c) Miss Ketterley
(d) Miss Letty

7. Who did Jadis fight for the throne?
(a) Her ex-husband
(b) Her cousin
(c) Her father
(d) Her sister

8. What is Digory's last name?
(a) Plummer
(b) Pevensie
(c) Kirke
(d) Ketterley

9. What form of transport does Uncle Andrew order for the Witch and himself?
(a) A coach and four
(b) A governess cart
(c) A hansom cab
(d) A gig

10. What happened to the river in Charn during the battle?
(a) It flooded because of the high rain that was caused by magic.
(b) It dried up completely.
(c) It was filled with battleships.
(d) It ran red with blood.

11. What is the name of the Queen?
(a) Jadia
(b) Jadis
(c) Jagis
(d) Jasmine

12. What does Uncle Andrew offer to Polly?
(a) A fountain pen
(b) A yellow ring
(c) A book
(d) A green ring

13. Which piece of scientific equipment is on Uncle Andrew's desk?
(a) An alembic
(b) A bunsen burner
(c) A microscope
(d) A telescope

14. What is Digory afraid of now that the Witch/Queen is in London and in his house?
(a) He fears that she will go into his mother's room and frighten her to death.
(b) He is afraid that Uncle Andrew and she will conquer the world.
(c) He is afraid that he, too, will sit on red hot chairs and have ice in his bed.
(d) He is afraid that Polly will never forgive him.

15. In what city is this story set?
(a) Manchester
(b) New York
(c) London
(d) York

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does Jadis not suggest as a means of transport?

2. How is Digory able to read the writing on the pillar?

3. Why does Jadis study Uncle Andrew's face?

4. Where does Aunt Letty think that Jadis comes from?

5. Where was Mrs Lefay shut up?

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