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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interests Polly most about the Hall of Images?
(a) The clothes the figures are wearing.
(b) The hairstyles of the women in the figures.
(c) The faces of the people.
(d) The jewels the figures are wearing.

2. How do the children mark the pool leading back into our world?
(a) Digory cuts a cross into the bark of the nearest tree.
(b) They tie a ribbon to a tree.
(c) They leave their jackets on the edge of it.
(d) They cut out a strip of turf and expose the dirt below.

3. In what city is this story set?
(a) London
(b) New York
(c) Manchester
(d) York

4. What sculpture was once used as a fountain?
(a) A dolphin
(b) A beautiful nymph
(c) A flying horse
(d) A winged stone monster

5. How many policemen are riding in the second hansom cab?
(a) Five
(b) One
(c) Three
(d) Two

6. Which of the following did not happen to the guinea pigs that Uncle Andrew used for his experiments?
(a) They vanished
(b) They exploded
(c) They died
(d) They learned to speak

7. Which of the following does Digory miss about his old home in the country?
(a) Fresh air and quiet
(b) Owning a pony
(c) A pet guinea pig
(d) Fruit trees in the garden

8. Into which pocket does Digory put the green rings?
(a) His left pocket
(b) His waistcoat pocket
(c) Both his left and right pockets
(d) His right pocket

9. What feature of London do the children see while traveling back using the green rings?
(a) Buckingham Palace
(b) Big Ben
(c) St Paul's Cathedral
(d) The Tower of London

10. What color of stone has been used to build the old palace in which they find themselves?
(a) Grey
(b) Red
(c) White
(d) Black

11. What happens when they jump into the pools wearing the wrong rings?
(a) They get their feet wet.
(b) The trees hiss and roar in a high wind.
(c) They sink in water up to their necks.
(d) The surface of the water freezes over.

12. Where does Aunt Letty think that Jadis comes from?
(a) A foreign country
(b) A circus
(c) A troupe of actors
(d) Another world

13. What does Digory do before picking up the ring?
(a) He buttons up his coat and takes a deep breath.
(b) He punches Uncle Andrew in the head.
(c) He ties his shoelaces.
(d) He says a prayer.

14. What color is the sky in the new world?
(a) A blue that is almost black.
(b) Streaks of yellow, blue and red
(c) Light blue
(d) Red

15. When does Polly let go of Digory's hand?
(a) When Digory strikes the bell.
(b) When they enter the Hall of Images
(c) When he suggests she is afraid of exploring the ruin.
(d) As soon as they arrive in the new world.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Digory afraid of now that the Witch/Queen is in London and in his house?

2. Where was Mrs Lefay shut up?

3. Had Digory seen Mrs Lefay before?

4. Why does Jadis study Uncle Andrew's face?

5. What does Uncle Andrew keep hidden in his wardrobe?

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