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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many policemen are riding in the second hansom cab?
(a) Two
(b) One
(c) Five
(d) Three

2. Where did Jadis learn the Deplorable Word?
(a) In the temple in the middle of Charn
(b) From her mother
(c) In the Great Library of the palace
(d) In a secret place

3. What is Aunt Letty doing when Uncle Andrew finds her?
(a) She is drinking tea.
(b) She is doing embroidery.
(c) She is entertaining visitors.
(d) She is mending a matress.

4. Into which pocket does Digory put the green rings?
(a) Both his left and right pockets
(b) His right pocket
(c) His waistcoat pocket
(d) His left pocket

5. What smell does Digory notice while he is waiting?
(a) Mutton
(b) Bacon
(c) Boiled cabbage
(d) Smoke

6. When does Polly let go of Digory's hand?
(a) When Digory strikes the bell.
(b) When he suggests she is afraid of exploring the ruin.
(c) When they enter the Hall of Images
(d) As soon as they arrive in the new world.

7. How is a yellow ring attached to the guinea pig?
(a) It is wedged onto the guinea pig's nose.
(b) It is tied on by a tape or ribbon around the guinea pig's middle.
(c) It is hanging off the guinea pig's tail.
(d) The guinea pig is wearing the ring on its paw.

8. What does the Cabby tell Jadis to do?
(a) That she is a disgraceful hussy.
(b) To stop whipping his horse.
(c) To go home until she is sober again.
(d) Go home and have a cup of tea and a rest.

9. What does Aunt Letty fall onto?
(a) The drawing room sofa.
(b) The matress she had been mending.
(c) The carpet in the sitting room.
(d) Bare boards.

10. What is Digory's last name?
(a) Ketterley
(b) Plummer
(c) Pevensie
(d) Kirke

11. What has Jadis stolen from the jeweler's shop?
(a) A diamond tiara
(b) Sapphire earrings
(c) A diamond necklace
(d) A rope of pearls

12. What form of transport does Uncle Andrew order for the Witch and himself?
(a) A hansom cab
(b) A governess cart
(c) A coach and four
(d) A gig

13. What does Digory do before picking up the ring?
(a) He says a prayer.
(b) He punches Uncle Andrew in the head.
(c) He ties his shoelaces.
(d) He buttons up his coat and takes a deep breath.

14. What color rings are the children wearing when they first jump into the new pool?
(a) Polly is wearing a green ring, but Digory is wearing a yellow ring.
(b) They aren't wearing any rings.
(c) Yellow
(d) Green

15. What is Digory afraid of now that the Witch/Queen is in London and in his house?
(a) He is afraid that Uncle Andrew and she will conquer the world.
(b) He is afraid that he, too, will sit on red hot chairs and have ice in his bed.
(c) He is afraid that Polly will never forgive him.
(d) He fears that she will go into his mother's room and frighten her to death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when they jump into the pools wearing the wrong rings?

2. What is distinctive about the doors leading into the Hall of Images?

3. How does Jadis get dragged from her world to the Wood?

4. What expressions are seen on the faces at the beginning of the row of images?

5. What is Uncle Andrew's characteristic gesture or habit while speaking?

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