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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 The Beginning of Uncle Andrew's Troubles.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What expected result of being underwater does not happen when using the magic of the pools?
(a) Having your ears pop
(b) Getting water trapped in your ears
(c) Getting waterlogged or wrinkled skin
(d) Getting wet

2. How is Digory able to read the writing on the pillar?
(a) Magic enables him to understand it.
(b) The shape of the writing changes so he can read it.
(c) It is written in English.
(d) A voice from the pillar recites the verse.

3. What expressions are seen on the faces at the beginning of the row of images?
(a) Solemn and dignified
(b) Wise and cruel
(c) Kind and wise
(d) Proud and cruel

4. How do the children mark the pool leading back into our world?
(a) Digory cuts a cross into the bark of the nearest tree.
(b) They leave their jackets on the edge of it.
(c) They cut out a strip of turf and expose the dirt below.
(d) They tie a ribbon to a tree.

5. Which other classic children's book is not mentioned or referred to in this chapter?
(a) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
(b) Treasure Island
(c) The Treasure Seekers (about the Bastable children)
(d) Alice in Wonderland

Short Answer Questions

1. What phrase best describes the palace in which they find themselves?

2. What color is the Queen's skin?

3. What did Uncle Andrew find in that box?

4. Which of Polly's hands is the Queen holding?

5. Which of the following did not happen to the guinea pigs that Uncle Andrew used for his experiments?

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