Daily Lessons for Teaching The Magician's Nephew

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Lesson 1

Objective: * To explore one of the settings of this novel * To learn something about the background of the author * To use the events for a creative writing exercise

1. The first setting presented in The Magician's Nephew is Victorian London, England. In small groups, students brainstorm what they know about life in Victorian London. Present the findings to the main group and compile a master list.

2. In pairs, students re-read this first chapter. What details are given about Victorian London? Compare this with the master list. Have any contradictions or additions been discovered? Present the findings to the class.

3. This chapter makes several references to books that were set in Victorian London or were popular at that time. Give each student a slip of paper, which has either the book title, the textual reference or the book's author written on it. Students are to match book, reference and...

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