The Magician's Nephew Character Descriptions

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Digory Kirke

This character is inquisitive about things, but this is balanced by a strong code of morals. He lives with his aunt and uncle in London, along with his sick mother.

Polly Plummer

This character is practical, sensible, loyal and friendly. She has a secret hideout in an attic, which leads into a tunnel. She is reasonably brave, but does not let her curiosity carry her away.

Andrew Ketterley (Uncle Andrew)

A slightly comical and slightly sinister magician in London, who is very self-centered and fond of a drop of brandy, especially in moments of stress. He hates and fears animals and uses them for experiments.


This character is beautiful and evil. She brings destruction and violence wherever she goes. She has no interest in anything or anyone unless she can make use of them.


This character is the godlike being who creates Narnia...

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