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Chapter 1 The Wrong Door

• Polly meets Digory and learns that he lives with his aunt and uncle, and that his mother is terminally ill.

• Digory tells Polly that his uncle may be insane and is concealing some mystery in his attic study.

• Polly shows Digory the tunnel she has discovered that gives access to all the other houses in their row of terrace houses.

• Polly and Digory decide to use the tunnel to get into an empty house in their row, which they believe has a mystery behind it.

• The children miscalculate the distance needed to get into the empty house and enter Uncle Andrew's forbidden study, where a number of green and yellow rings stand on a table making a faint humming noise.

• Uncle Andrew locks the door and prevents them leaving the study, saying that two children are just what he needed for his research.

• Uncle...

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