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Raymond E. Feist
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Macros say about why Pug was captured into slavery by the Tsurani?
(a) He needed to learn their magic.
(b) He needed to learn humility.
(c) He needed to find Katala.
(d) He was needed to change the Tsurani.

2. What did the king say about Guy du Bas-Tyra before dying?
(a) He was to be given mercy.
(b) He was to be hanged.
(c) He and his family were to be banished.
(d) He is to be sent to the Tsurani.

3. What does Lyam do about Guy du Bas-Tyra?
(a) He accepts his allegiance.
(b) He sentences him to twenty years in prison.
(c) He hangs him.
(d) He banishes him from the kingdom.

4. What does Amos do at the end of the book?
(a) Buys a farm.
(b) Gets married.
(c) Becomes admiral of the navy.
(d) Steals Lyam's ship.

5. What are on the boats Laurie and Kasumi see?
(a) Supplies for the war.
(b) More soldiers.
(c) A group of Great Ones.
(d) Platoons of rangers.

6. Who helps Laurie and Kasumi get out of Krondor?
(a) No one.
(b) The Mockers.
(c) Anita.
(d) Trevor Hull.

7. Who does Laurie meet on his way to see Queen Aglranna?
(a) Thomas.
(b) Macros.
(c) Pug.
(d) Martin.

8. What kind of announcement does the Warlord make?
(a) About the war on treasonous lords.
(b) About the war and destruction of Midkemia.
(c) That he is resigning.
(d) About declaring war on another world.

9. What can Martin tell about Thomas when he looks on him?
(a) He is a good soldier.
(b) The armor has had a negative effect.
(c) He has grown three inches.
(d) He is not sane.

10. What happens to the King when he goes to battle?
(a) He is fatally wounded.
(b) He is knocked off his horse and breaks a leg.
(c) He got lost before he found the fighting.
(d) He wins the battle.

11. Why does Duke Borric's son have to decide what to do?
(a) He is head of the army.
(b) His father is dying.
(c) His father is dead.
(d) His father is out fighting.

12. Why does Brucal come into Lyam's tent?
(a) To tell him Guy du Bas-Tyra has fled.
(b) To let him know Thomas was there.
(c) To tell him the battle has started.
(d) To tell him a message had arrived from his brother.

13. What do Thomas and Queen Aglranna do the next day after the council meeting?
(a) Leave for Crydee.
(b) Get married.
(c) Name the child they will have.
(d) Say good-bye.

14. What does Lyam and Thomas realize when they talk to Kasumi?
(a) They will need to kill all the Tsurani.
(b) They've all been used by Macros.
(c) They misinterpreted the troop movement.
(d) They will have to start the talks again.

15. Where does Martin end up?
(a) With the elves.
(b) As Duke of Krondor.
(c) As head of the King's Rangers.
(d) As Duke of Crydee.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Milamber feel about Kamatsu's plan?

2. Why is Arutha angry with Lyam?

3. What do Macros, Pug and Kulgan do during the peace talks?

4. What did Macros leave for Pug?

5. What does Kasumi ask?

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