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Raymond E. Feist
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the council tell Queen Aglranna about Thomas?
(a) He must be banished from elf lands.
(b) He has gotten better.
(c) He has gotten worse.
(d) Something has to be done with him.

2. What does Lyam say about the peace offering?
(a) He rejects it.
(b) He will think about it.
(c) He doesn't say anthing.
(d) He decides to take it.

3. Who does Milamber surprise at the Shinzawai Lords' house?
(a) Tella.
(b) Komatsu.
(c) A Ganuma.
(d) Laurie.

4. What does Milamber tell Kamatsu?
(a) He is taking his family and Laurie.
(b) He will take three slaves with him.
(c) He is taking over the house.
(d) He wants Halaga punished.

5. What does Hokanu help Laurie and Kasumi do on the other side of the rift?
(a) Find the Midkemia king.
(b) Find the Tsurani general.
(c) Helps them hide.
(d) Gives them food.

6. What does King Rodric tell Lyam when he arrives?
(a) Laurie is a spy for the Tsurani.
(b) Pug is a traitor and will be hanged.
(c) Lyam is now the Duke.
(d) Lyam is a traitor and will be hanged.

7. What has happened to his Valheru powers since he has regained his humanity?
(a) They have stayed the same.
(b) They have increased.
(c) They are gone.
(d) They have decreased.

8. What does Arutha do after the coronation?
(a) He retires to his country estates.
(b) He becomes Lyam's chief councilor.
(c) He's given Crydee to rule.
(d) He's given Krondor to rule.

9. What do Macros, Pug and Kulgan do during the peace talks?
(a) Attack the Tsurani.
(b) Stay in the background.
(c) Nothing, they aren't there.
(d) Close the rift.

10. Why did Milamber tell Hochopepa he would serve justice without mercy?
(a) To pay back the Tsurani.
(b) To serve the empire.
(c) To ensure a future for his son.
(d) To help his home world win the war.

11. Who is Kulgan?
(a) Pug's brother.
(b) Pug's old master.
(c) The Duke's chamberlain.
(d) Katala's father.

12. Why doesn't the council want Thomas to be ruler?
(a) Because he isn't elven.
(b) Because he is too young.
(c) Because he is too violent.
(d) Because of the Valheru in him.

13. What is suggested might kill Thomas?
(a) Battle.
(b) Guilt.
(c) Too much drink.
(d) Marrying the queen.

14. What could the Tsurani not control about opening a rift to Midkemia?
(a) Its shape.
(b) Its size.
(c) Its location.
(d) Its durability.

15. What reason does Hochopepa give for the Shinzawai to be missing?
(a) The Emperor is mad at them.
(b) They haven't finished their harvest.
(c) They have lost face with the Warlord.
(d) They are busy in Midkemia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gathering does Milamber attend?

2. How are Laurie and Kasumi dressed?

3. Why does Lyam send a message to his brother and sister?

4. What does Thomas tell the council?

5. What does Macros tell Thomas?

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