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Raymond E. Feist
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Milamber sick?
(a) The Emperor's laws.
(b) The bloody battles in the arena.
(c) The holding of slaves.
(d) The war in Midkemia.

2. What has Pug found out about rifts when he studied them?
(a) They are unstable and hard to establish.
(b) Once opened they stay forever.
(c) They are difficult to open but easy to close.
(d) A rift can only be opened once between two worlds.

3. What does Pug tell Kulgan about the rift?
(a) He wants to destroy it.
(b) He wants to keep it open.
(c) He closed it when he came through it.
(d) It was made by him.

4. What happens to Kasumi in Midkemia?
(a) He is made a Duke.
(b) He is given a large farm.
(c) He is made Captain of the King's guard.
(d) He is made an Earl.

5. What do Kasumi and Pug tell Lyam?
(a) The rift is shutting.
(b) There will be no more attacks.
(c) The Tsurani are returning home.
(d) There will be an attack in days.

6. What has Milamber decided about the Tsurani culture?
(a) It is very similar to his culture.
(b) It is brutal.
(c) It is very beautiful.
(d) It is stale and unhealthy.

7. Why doesn't the council want Thomas to be ruler?
(a) Because of the Valheru in him.
(b) Because he is too young.
(c) Because he isn't elven.
(d) Because he is too violent.

8. Who does Milamber surprise at the Shinzawai Lords' house?
(a) Tella.
(b) Laurie.
(c) A Ganuma.
(d) Komatsu.

9. What does Kasumi tell Pug about the current Warlord?
(a) He will attack immediately.
(b) He will sentence Pug to death.
(c) He will kill himself or be replaced.
(d) He will be thrown into the arena.

10. What message arrives from the Emperor?
(a) He is opposed to peace.
(b) He will wait and see.
(c) He is opposed to war.
(d) He will come himself to sign the peace treaty.

11. Where does Milamber take his wife and son?
(a) To the Shinzawai estates.
(b) To hide in the swamps.
(c) To the Assembly.
(d) To Midkemia.

12. What happens to the King when he goes to battle?
(a) He wins the battle.
(b) He is fatally wounded.
(c) He is knocked off his horse and breaks a leg.
(d) He got lost before he found the fighting.

13. Why will they watch Guy du Bas-Tyra?
(a) To find where he has Anita captured.
(b) To bring him in for trial.
(c) To make sure he can't vie for the crown.
(d) To make sure he fights the Tsurani.

14. What do they realize about the king?
(a) He is dishonest.
(b) He has no real authority.
(c) He is insane.
(d) He wants the war to continue.

15. What does Arutha vow to do if necessary for the kingdom?
(a) Kill Lyam.
(b) Take over the throne.
(c) Kill Martin.
(d) Kill Guy du Bas-Tyra.

Short Answer Questions

1. What message does Duke Caldric want Laurie and Kasumi to carry?

2. What does the Warlord want of the Great Ones?

3. Why does Lyam send a message to his brother and sister?

4. Why is Martin worried about Lyam?

5. Why does Kamatsu want Laurie?

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