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Raymond E. Feist
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Warlord want of the Great Ones?
(a) That less of them interfere.
(b) That Milamber be put to death.
(c) That more assist with the war.
(d) That some of them would open a gate to another world.

2. What does Arutha vow to do if necessary for the kingdom?
(a) Kill Martin.
(b) Take over the throne.
(c) Kill Lyam.
(d) Kill Guy du Bas-Tyra.

3. Why is Martin worried about Lyam?
(a) That he will kill Martin.
(b) That he is too young to be king.
(c) That he is childless.
(d) That he won't make a good king.

4. What did Macros leave for Pug?
(a) A secret.
(b) A message.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Two apprentice magicians.

5. What does Lyam and Thomas realize when they talk to Kasumi?
(a) They will need to kill all the Tsurani.
(b) They've all been used by Macros.
(c) They will have to start the talks again.
(d) They misinterpreted the troop movement.

6. What message arrives from the Emperor?
(a) He is opposed to peace.
(b) He will wait and see.
(c) He is opposed to war.
(d) He will come himself to sign the peace treaty.

7. How are Laurie and Kasumi dressed?
(a) Like Great Ones.
(b) Like soldiers.
(c) In Midkemian fashion.
(d) Like Midkemian royalty.

8. What does King Rodric say about Lyam as his head clears?
(a) Lyam is not to be king.
(b) Lyam is to be king.
(c) Lyam is not the Duke's oldest son.
(d) Lyam is not to be hung.

9. What does Arutha do after the coronation?
(a) He becomes Lyam's chief councilor.
(b) He's given Crydee to rule.
(c) He retires to his country estates.
(d) He's given Krondor to rule.

10. Where does Milamber take his wife and son?
(a) To hide in the swamps.
(b) To Midkemia.
(c) To the Assembly.
(d) To the Shinzawai estates.

11. Who does Milamber surprise at the Shinzawai Lords' house?
(a) A Ganuma.
(b) Komatsu.
(c) Tella.
(d) Laurie.

12. What does the Queen announce to the council?
(a) She is with child.
(b) She is sending Thomas away.
(c) She is abdicating her throne.
(d) She is going with Thomas.

13. How does Milamber feel about Kamatsu's plan?
(a) Encouraged.
(b) Enthusiastic.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Unsure.

14. What could the Tsurani not control about opening a rift to Midkemia?
(a) Its location.
(b) Its shape.
(c) Its size.
(d) Its durability.

15. Why does Kamatsu want Laurie?
(a) To help him with his son.
(b) To help him in Midkemia.
(c) To overseer his farm.
(d) To teach him to ride.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is suggested might kill Thomas?

2. What do Thomas and Queen Aglranna do the next day after the council meeting?

3. What do they realize about the king?

4. Who does Duke Caldric tell Laurie and Kasumi to see?

5. With whom do Laurie and Kasumi speak to request an audience with the king?

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