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Raymond E. Feist
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Arutha find out when he goes to see his sister?
(a) Squire Roland has been killed.
(b) Their father has returned.
(c) Their brother was killed.
(d) Their mother is ill.

2. Why did the men holding them captive begin keeping an eye on them?
(a) Because Radburn's men did.
(b) Because they have a free ship.
(c) The king told them to do that.
(d) They aren't used to strangers in town.

3. What does Anita tell Arutha about Pug?
(a) She knew Pug's mother.
(b) She and Pug put the rotten apples in Arutha's bed.
(c) He helped her sneak looks at Arutha when he was a boy.
(d) She loved him.

4. Why won't Pug be named the new overseer?
(a) He hasn't worked there long enough.
(b) He isn't tough enough.
(c) He can't read.
(d) He is not Tsurani.

5. Why do they fear Thomas' artifact?
(a) That it will turn him bad.
(b) It cost more than they can afford.
(c) He has killed with it.
(d) He can't control it.

6. What does Milamber undo in secret?
(a) The barrier to his memories.
(b) Mental conditions put on him by the Association.
(c) The tangle of his family.
(d) The lock on his door.

7. What does Trevor tell Amos?
(a) They need to get out of the city.
(b) They are working against Guy.
(c) They are part of the theif's guild.
(d) They are fighting the king.

8. What do they do when the man has finished his task?
(a) Send him back to lunch.
(b) Put him in another cell.
(c) Send him home.
(d) Give him a name.

9. Who is the foe Chogana tells Pug he must face?
(a) Pug.
(b) The Emperor.
(c) Kasumi.
(d) Laurie.

10. What does Milamber see as he stands on a high rock during his last task?
(a) The history of the Tsurani people.
(b) The creation of the world.
(c) Two dragons fighting in the sky.
(d) The history of his own world.

11. What will the Tsurani add to the war in the spring?
(a) Two new families.
(b) A new overall general of the army.
(c) About 10,000 new troops.
(d) The Emperor's guard.

12. In what is the man standing outside a cell room dressed?
(a) Red robes.
(b) Short pants and flowing sleeve shirt.
(c) Bloused pants and jerkin.
(d) White robes.

13. What does the visitor say they will need when the enemy attacks?
(a) A bridge to the enemy's world.
(b) More archers.
(c) Protection for the elf magic.
(d) More troops.

14. What does Ashen-Shugar do at the end of a battle with the Valheru?
(a) Kills his dragon.
(b) Goes to another planet.
(c) Kills all the other gods.
(d) Kills himself.

15. Who is waiting at the place the boy takes Arutha?
(a) His brother.
(b) His sister.
(c) The king.
(d) Men with swords.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Milamber find as he finishes his final task?

2. What happens when Nogamu tries to kill Pug and Laurie?

3. What does he first remember about his past?

4. Where are Pug and Laurie working at the opening of the book?

5. What did Guy tell Anita?

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