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Short Answer Questions

1. Who expresses satisfaction that Hans has come to the Berghof?

2. Who slams the door behind Hans' back?

3. Where is the concert in Chapter 4 held?

4. Who claims that he has never met a perfectly healthy person?

5. Who thinks that music can perform the reasonable function of measuring time?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Hans and Settembrini's encounter at the beginning of Chapter 4.

2. What is Hans' life like in Hamburg?

3. Describe Hans' grandfather, Hans Lorenz Castorp.

4. Why does Settembrini interrupt his learned banter at the end of Chapter 3?

5. What do Hans and Joachim do on Sunday in Chapter 4?

6. What does Settembrini say about music in relation to Hans?

7. How does Hans' interactions with Clavdia affect his health?

8. Who is Joachim Ziemssen, what does he look like, and what does he explain to Hans?

9. Who is Pribislav Hippe, and how does Hans feel about him?

10. What annoys Hans during first breakfast in Chapter 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Hans and Joachim.

Essay Topic 2

Which characters are present in the novel as the protagonist and the antagonist? Why are these characters labeled in this way?

Essay Topic 3

How does the setting of the novel affect the characters and their actions? What is Mann suggesting about the setting?

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