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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 6, what does Hans praise ascetically?
(a) Military life.
(b) The Berghof.
(c) Clavdia Chauchat.
(d) Death.

2. Who is a Freemason?
(a) Naphta.
(b) Hans.
(c) Settembrini.
(d) Joachim.

3. What does Joachim think Hans has picked up while lying on his balcony?
(a) Clavdia as a partner.
(b) An infection in his lungs.
(c) A new blanket.
(d) Too many grand ideas.

4. What image does Hans fall asleep to while sitting on his balcony?
(a) Joachim.
(b) Settembrini.
(c) Dr. Behrens.
(d) Clavdia.

5. As Walpurgis Night approaches, who reproaches Hans for playing fast and loose with time in his conversation?
(a) Settembrini.
(b) Joachim.
(c) Behrens.
(d) Clavdia.

6. Where does Peeperkorn host an excursion to in May?
(a) Africa.
(b) America.
(c) Davos.
(d) Fluela Valley.

7. On Walpurgis Night, what does Clavdia tell Hans that she is doing the next day?
(a) Leaving the Berghof.
(b) Having a baby.
(c) Dying.
(d) Marrying Dr. Behrens.

8. What are Hans and Settembrini doing when they fall into an open argument?
(a) Waiting for the Sunday mail.
(b) There is no argument.
(c) Watching Joachim leave.
(d) Discussing Clavdia.

9. On the evening that Dr. Behrens entertains patients with a musical parlor trick, what does Clavdia ask Hans about?
(a) Settembrini.
(b) Hans.
(c) Joachim.
(d) Clavdia.

10. What does Settembrini explain about his and Naphta's arguments?
(a) Naphta is always right.
(b) They often argue in good fellowship.
(c) Settembrini is always right.
(d) They are never in earnest.

11. What does Settembrini reveal that he belongs to?
(a) The Medical Association of the Berghof.
(b) The Freemasons.
(c) The Musical Affiliation.
(d) The International League for the Organization of Progress.

12. Who does Settembrini introduce Hans and Joachim to in Chapter 6?
(a) Leo Naphta.
(b) Dr. Krokowski.
(c) Clavdia Chauchat.
(d) Dr. Behrens.

13. What does Clavdia threaten to do when Hans praises her arms?
(a) Kill herself.
(b) Marry Peeperkorn.
(c) Leave.
(d) Cry herself to sleep.

14. What does Hans ask Clavdia for when he finally approaches her in Chapter 5?
(a) A kiss.
(b) A piece of paper.
(c) A blindfold.
(d) A pencil.

15. Who will not acknowledge Hans, despite his best efforts?
(a) Pieter.
(b) Clavdia.
(c) Joachim.
(d) Settembrini.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Clavdia feel about the fact that Peeperkorn loves her?

2. Who hosts parties and outings to local sites?

3. At the beginning of Chapter 7, who indulges in a long reflection on time?

4. What does Peeperkorn use to commit suicide?

5. What does Hans use to argue against Settembrini?

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