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Maria Mancini Cigars

This is Hans Canstorp's favorite brand of cigars from Hamburg.


Hans buys this from the head nurse, and every Berghof patient uses this to record their temperature daily.

X-ray Plates

Hans and Clavdia exchange these as love tokens after spending the night on Walpurgis-Night.

Lounge Chair

Hans delights in this while taking his outdoor rest cure on the balcony of his room and dreaming about Clavdia.


Hans suggests this as the site for Naphta and Settembrini's duel.


This is the name of the gramophone that Hans becomes obsessed with during his last years at the Berghof.

International Sanatorium Berghof

This is the Swiss tuberculosis resort where Hans spends seven years.


This is the town just below the Berghof which is also an international ski resort.

Hans' Fur-lined Sleeping Bag

Hans buys this before he is even diagnosed, leading Settembrini to tease...

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