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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the next door neighbor who Mudder says she warned Maggie about?

2. Where does Maggie go to spend the night at the end of Chapter 15?

3. What material is used for the front of the saloon building where Pete works?

4. When Maggie asks "Who?" as she wanders, who tries to answer her question?

5. What do the women do once Pete is soundly in a drunken sleep?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare the attitude of the Rum Alley tenement crowd toward Maggie with the attitude Maggie had toward the "painted" women in Chapter 12.

2. What is Maggie's reaction to the "painted" women she passes on her way out of the hall? Why does she react this way?

3. What are the true motives of the women surrounding Pete at the saloon in Chapter 18?

4. How does Pete rationalize his lack of guilt in the situation with Maggie?

5. Based on the insights given in Chapter 12, how does Maggie feel about Pete? How does Pete feel about Maggie?

6. How might Maggie's story be different if the stout gentleman she encounters in the suburbs stops to help her?

7. Describe the decor of the saloon where Pete works as a bartender.

8. How does Nellie's attitude toward Pete in Chapter 18 reflect a sort of poetic justice?

9. Why does the "painted" girl direct her glances toward the rural, less educated men?

10. How do attitudes change toward the "painted" girl as she moves through the various districts of the city?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The poverty and chaos of the Rum Alley tenement unite its residents. Discuss in detail at least three examples or Rum Alley unity, including the circumstances of the unity, the motive behind the unity, and the purpose the unity serves to accomplish.

Essay Topic 2

The book opens with a fight scene. How does this fact foreshadow the path of the entire book? Discuss at least three specific fight scenes from the book, concentrating on motives and outcomes.

Essay Topic 3

Maggie is ultimately responsible for her decisions and the path of her life, but several other characters play a role in Maggie's development. Identify at least three characters that have an impact on Maggie's life and analyze their level of responsibility for Maggie's tragic end.

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