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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As he refuses to take Pete's money, what does the waiter call Pete?
(a) A fool.
(b) A benefactor.
(c) A womanizer.
(d) An idiot.

2. As Chapter 17 opens, from where are most of the people in the crowd coming?
(a) Work.
(b) Church.
(c) The theater.
(d) The museum.

3. How does Maggie look at Pete as they listen to the singer in Chapter 12?
(a) With suspicion and jealousy.
(b) With anger and remorse.
(c) With wonder and reliance.
(d) With fear and respect.

4. Who throws the first punch in the saloon fight?
(a) Pete.
(b) The saloon owner.
(c) Jimmie.
(d) Jimmie's companion.

5. As punishment for corrupting Maggie, what does Jimmie threaten to do to Pete?
(a) Report him to the police.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Break his nose.
(d) Fight with him.

6. Who does Jimmie meet on the street when he leaves the apartment?
(a) A policeman.
(b) Maggie.
(c) Pete.
(d) A friend.

7. After the saloon brawl with Pete, how long does Jimmie wait before returning home?
(a) A number of days.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) A month.
(d) Several hours.

8. Who comes into the apartment to stare at Maggie when she comes home?
(a) The police.
(b) The women and children of Rum Alley.
(c) The old woman.
(d) The men of Rum Alley.

9. Based on the anger of Maggie's family, how does Chapter 16 say Pete feels?
(a) Worried.
(b) Pursued.
(c) Proud.
(d) Thrilled.

10. When Jimmie surveys the apartment, what does he notice is missing from the nail behind the door?
(a) Mudders scarf and coat.
(b) Maggie's jacket and hat.
(c) The frying pan and spatula.
(d) The broom and dustpan.

11. What is the name of the "forlorn woman" who is wandering at the beginning of Chapter 15?
(a) Sadie.
(b) Hattie.
(c) Maggie.
(d) Nellie.

12. What is the name of the next door neighbor who Mudder says she warned Maggie about?
(a) Sally McCallister.
(b) Sheila McMasters.
(c) Sandy MacDonald.
(d) Sadie MacMallister.

13. To what four animals are the fighters in Chapter 11 compared?
(a) Panther, rooster, bull dog, and cat.
(b) Bull dog, rooster, lion, and snake.
(c) Lion, tiger, snake, and cat.
(d) Panther, tiger, snake, and lion.

14. To whom in the crowd does the "painted" girl throw her glances?
(a) The rural and untaught men.
(b) Older men who are alone.
(c) Working class men with their wives.
(d) Single men in fine clothes.

15. When Maggie asks "Who?" as she wanders, who tries to answer her question?
(a) A well-dressed gentleman.
(b) A man passing by.
(c) A beggar woman.
(d) Mudder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has been done to the apartment when Jimmie arrives home from work?

2. What is Pete's condition throughout Chapter 18?

3. Where does Jimmie hide after the saloon fight to avoid being caught?

4. When Jimmie passes the group of women in the dark hallway, about whom are they talking?

5. When Freddie offhandedly invites Maggie to leave with him, where does Maggie say she is going?

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