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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maggie compare Pete to in Chapter 8?
(a) A golden sun.
(b) A summer day.
(c) The moon.
(d) A breath of fresh air.

2. Who always triumphs at the end of the plays that Pete and Maggie attend?
(a) The villain.
(b) The good child.
(c) The poor hero.
(d) The king.

3. What is Jimmie standing on as he curses his opponents in the street fight?
(a) A pile of scrap lumber.
(b) A heap of gravel.
(c) An overturned bucket.
(d) An old apple crate.

4. What act follows the dancing girl in the show that Maggie and Pete attend?
(a) An opera singer.
(b) Another dancer.
(c) A ventriloquist.
(d) A juggler.

5. On what street does the old woman customarily beg for her living?
(a) Broadway.
(b) High Street.
(c) Fifth Avenue.
(d) Fourth Avenue.

6. In an attempt to impress Pete, what does Maggie fix up and hang over the stove?
(a) A lambrequin.
(b) An old clock.
(c) An ornate birdcage.
(d) A picture.

7. What is Mudder's real name?
(a) Elizabeth.
(b) Maggie.
(c) Mary.
(d) Nora.

8. In the opening scene of Chapter 1, what are the boys throwing at each other?
(a) Balls.
(b) Sticks.
(c) Stones.
(d) Bottles.

9. Who does Maggie wish she could talk to about Pete?
(a) A priest.
(b) Jimmie.
(c) A reliable friend.
(d) Mudder.

10. What is Pete's attitude toward Maggie as they wait for the show to start?
(a) Sweet and loving.
(b) Proud and condescending.
(c) Gracious and attentive.
(d) Brusque and irritated.

11. What is Pete's occupation?
(a) He is a firefighter.
(b) He is a policeman.
(c) He is a bartender.
(d) He is a truck driver.

12. What does the author say disguises Maggie's looks when she is a child?
(a) Dirt.
(b) Shadows.
(c) Bruises.
(d) Fear.

13. What two things set Pete apart from the Rum Alley tenement crowd?
(a) His height and weight.
(b) His clothing and manners.
(c) His age and occupation.
(d) His education and experience.

14. During the show, what is Pete watching?
(a) The waiters.
(b) The door.
(c) Maggie.
(d) The acts.

15. In Chapter 4, for what is the preacher's audience waiting?
(a) The bus.
(b) A cab.
(c) Soup tickets.
(d) The doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mudder famous for in Chapter 5?

2. What is Mudder often doing at home in Chapter 8?

3. Who tries to warn the boys that Jimmie's father is approaching?

4. How old is the person who breaks up the street fight in Chapter 1?

5. In addition to dancing, what is the girl who starts the show in Chapter 7 doing?

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