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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what does the old woman send Jimmie to buy for her?
(a) Beer.
(b) A newspaper.
(c) Matches.
(d) Wine.

2. What is Pete's occupation?
(a) He is a bartender.
(b) He is a firefighter.
(c) He is a truck driver.
(d) He is a policeman.

3. Which of the following expressions is used in Chapter 3 to describe the old woman?
(a) Gnarled and leathery.
(b) Slender and wiry.
(c) Large and boisterous.
(d) Small and bent.

4. As young men start to notice Maggie, what does Jimmie tell her she should do?
(a) Get a job.
(b) Go on dates.
(c) Hide in the house.
(d) Leave home.

5. What does Mudder do to Jimmie in Chapter 2 that makes him scream in pain?
(a) Beats him with an old table leg.
(b) Pours hot cooking oil on him.
(c) Harshly scrubs his wounded face.
(d) Breaks a beer bottle over his head.

Short Answer Questions

1. What day does Maggie expect Pete to return?

2. What does Jimmie's father do to the two fighting boys?

3. In an attempt to impress Pete, what does Maggie fix up and hang over the stove?

4. What kind of girl does Chapter 5 say that Maggie grows up to be?

5. When does Chapter 4 say that Jimmie first began to be arrested?

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