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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the show, what is Pete watching?
(a) The acts.
(b) The waiters.
(c) Maggie.
(d) The door.

2. When the old woman tells her tale in Chapter 10, what does she say that Maggie asks Pete?
(a) If he would marry her.
(b) If she could live with him.
(c) When she would see him again.
(d) If he loved her.

3. Why does Pete become more eloquent and elaborate in descriptions of his bravery and fighting skill?
(a) He notices Jimmie is impressed.
(b) He notices Mudder is listening closely.
(c) He is drunk and cannot help himself.
(d) He notices Maggie is listening closely.

4. When Jimmie grabs Mudder to take her home, what is her response?
(a) She hits Jimmie.
(b) She begins to cry.
(c) She goes with Jimmie willingly.
(d) She screams.

5. When Jimmie surveys the apartment, what does he notice is missing from the nail behind the door?
(a) Maggie's jacket and hat.
(b) Mudders scarf and coat.
(c) The broom and dustpan.
(d) The frying pan and spatula.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 12, what is the ballad singer wearing?

2. What two physical characteristics make Pete seem formidable?

3. How does the air in the collar and cuff factory make Maggie feel?

4. What is Mudder doing when Jimmie, Maggie, and Fader arrive home?

5. Based on the anger of Maggie's family, how does Chapter 16 say Pete feels?

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