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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Chapter 4 say that Jimmie first began to be arrested?
(a) When he was a young man.
(b) When he was a teenager.
(c) When he reached adulthood.
(d) When he was a little boy.

2. What is the name of Jimmie's youngest sibling?
(a) Pete.
(b) Roger.
(c) Tommie.
(d) Maggie.

3. When Pete reappears in the story, where does he promise to take Jimmie?
(a) To meet a girl.
(b) To a saloon.
(c) To a boxing match.
(d) To a casino.

4. Where is Maggie while Pete and Jimmie exchange tales of valor in Chapter 5?
(a) In another room.
(b) Hanging laundry outside.
(c) At work.
(d) In the shadows.

5. What animal does Chapter 4 compare Jimmie with as he drives?
(a) An African cow.
(b) A donkey.
(c) An Indonesian monkey.
(d) A snake.

Short Answer Questions

1. After hearing the tales of bravery and victory, who leaves the apartment with Pete?

2. What tragic event occurs at the beginning of Chapter 4?

3. What happens to Fader in Chapter 4?

4. What does Jimmie threaten to do to Maggie if she does not "shut up"?

5. In Chapter 2, what accusation starts the altercation between Fader and Mudder?

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