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Gruesome Doorway - This is the entrance to the building the Johnson family calls home.

Broken Furniture - This is the primary contents of the Johnson's home.

Tenement Building - This is the home of many of the city's poorest residents.

Lambrequin - This is a garment or piece of cloth used to decorate a shelf or mantel.

Theater - This is the place where Pete takes Maggie on their first date.

Shirt Factory - This is the stifling hot place where Maggie has her first job.

Pete's Bar - Despite a fine appearance, this place of employment is of modest means.

The Street - This is a primary setting for altercations and the eventual source of Maggie's livelihood.

The Apartment - This is the damaged, poorly furnished, heartless home of the Johnson family.

Pail - This is an item used as a receptacle for both beer...

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