Objects & Places from Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

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Gruesome Doorway

This is the entrance to the building the Johnson family calls home.

Broken Furniture

This is the primary contents of the Johnson's home.

Tenement Building

This is the home of many of the city's poorest residents.


This is a garment or piece of cloth used to decorate a shelf or mantel.


This is the place where Pete takes Maggie on their first date.

Shirt Factory

This is the stifling hot place where Maggie has her first job.

Pete's Bar

Despite a fine appearance, this place of employment is of modest means.

The Street

This is a primary setting for altercations and the eventual source of Maggie's livelihood.

The Apartment

This is the damaged, poorly furnished, heartless home of the Johnson family.


This is an item used as a receptacle for both beer and donations.

Seven Pennies

This is what Jimmie used to buy...

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