Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Character Descriptions

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This character is a selfish fighter who grows up to be a truck driver.


Worldly and highly concerned with appearances, this character turns out to be a drunk.


This character aspires to a better life but ends up rejected and alone, living an unhappy life on the streets.


Unable to handle a life of poverty and hardship, this character dies at a young age.


This character is self-centered, assertive, and beautiful, but lives the life of a prostitute.

Old Woman (Neighbor)

Alone and deformed, this character begs on Fifth Avenue for money to buy beer.


Called to the saloon during a bar fight, this character cannot quite catch the man he is after.

The Heroine

This character begins as a mere fledgling, but overcomes adversity to triumph in the end.

Ol' Johnson, also known as Fader

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