Madeleine is Sleeping Short Essay - Answer Key

Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum
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1. Who is Madeleine?

Madeleine is a young woman who dreams spectacular dreams that meld with reality. When she dreams, there is an abundance of fruit in the orchard. She has many brothers and sisters.

2. Describe the physical attributes of Matilda. What is so special about her?

Matilda is a grossly fat woman that Madeleine dreams up. Her fat is so cumbersome, she picks it up daintily like skirts when she walks. She is special because she grows a pair of wings which she uses to fly around.

3. Why did Saint Michel wish to be beaten and punished?

Saint Michel was once beautiful, rich, and vain. When plague and drought struck, many people died. Saint Michel turned to God and wanted to be punished for his prior sins.

4. Who commissions the viol and why?

The viol is commissioned by M. Marais. He wants it crafted in the image of his neighbor's daughter, Charlotte, with whom he is infatuated. Charlotte is still too young to marry when the viol is commissioned.

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