Madeleine is Sleeping Fun Activities

Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum
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Wings of freedom!

Using cardboard or construction paper, construct a pair of wings like those worn by Matilda.

Secret Scientific Journal

Construct a secret journal like Matilda's using paper, a hole puncher, yarn, and any other materials you can find. Write observations in this journal.

Orchard scene

Draw the orchard scene as described in the book. Do not forget the there is fruit in an abundance to the point where it is littering the ground!

Madeleine is sleeping

Create a portrait of what you think Madeleine looks like while she is sleeping. Refer to the book for physical descriptions. Use construction paper, pens, markers, yarn, and any other materials you may have.

Connect the Prince

Using only dots, create an outline of what you picture the prince who visits Madeleine to look like. Trade your paper with the person next to you. Connect the dots of the image...

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