Madeleine is Sleeping Character Descriptions

Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum
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Madeleine - This character was punished by having their hands dipped in boiling lye.

Mother - This character wishes to still be slim and have no children.

M. Pujol (Le Petomane) - This character is based on an actual stage performer.

M. Marais - This character commissions a viol in the likeness of a loved one.

Charlotte - This character flees marriage and joins a gypsy troupe.

Marguerite - This character likes to play the heroic male on stage.

The Widow - This character is old, rich, and has strange lusts.

Sophie - This character betrays the main character to that character's mother.

Adrien - This character is a photographer.

Matilde Cochon - This character grows a pair of wings.

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