Madeleine is Sleeping Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum
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Part 1

• Madeleine is sleeping.

• Madeleine dreams of a fat woman named Matilda.

• Matilda grows wings that allow her to fly across town.
• Madeleine dreams of Saint Michel.

• Madeleine dreams of a man named M. Marais.

• A viol is crafted with the face of Charlotte.

• The viol is named Griselda.
• Charlotte becomes lonely in her marriage.

• A wish is made; Charlotte wants to be like Griselda.

• Charlotte transforms.

• An escape is made in the middle of the night as Charlotte leaves her husband.
• Papa complains about the sudden abundance of fruit.

• Mother gets the idea to make preserves.

• Madeleine dreams of a stage performer named Marguerite.

• Marguerite is used to playing male parts in her shows.
• One day Marguerite is usurped by a man named Senesino.

• Marguerite angrily and rudely leaves the spotlight.

• A man arrives and kisses Madeleine while she is sleeping.

• Madeleine does not wake up. The...

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