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Short Answer Questions

1. How are Marie and Pierre similar?

2. What does Marie eat regularly?

3. Which of the following children is the youngest?

4. What does Marie decide to get her masters degree in?

5. Why did the Sklodovskas switch to education?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to one of Manya's family members as a result of one of the boarders her family had to take in to make ends meet and what does this lead Manya to worry about?

2. Where does Manya go to school and what is different about this school?

3. How do Manya's employers treat Manya and how does Manya feel about the children and her job?

4. What is Marie appointed to and what does she publish?

5. What do Marie and Pierre decide to do in regard to the existence of radium and how do they decide to accomplish this?

6. What does Monsieur Sklodovska represent?

7. What does the money that Pierre receives allow Pierre to do and what does the publicity bring Marie and Pierre?

8. How does Marie find international work and what continues to be her life-long ambition?

9. What discovery does Pierre make about radium and what is this discovery called?

10. How does Marie treat the German physicists after the war?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is the theme of patriotism developed throughout the novel? In what ways does Marie demonstrate patriotism? Do you think this is a strength or weakness of Marie? Why do you feel this way?

Essay Topic 2

How did France treat Marie from the beginning to the end? Should she have stayed loyal to France? Support your answers with information from the novel.

Essay Topic 3

How do the many tragedies in Marie's life change her? Which tragedies affect her the most? Why do you believe these were the most important in her life?

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