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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pierre study at the School of Physics and Chemistry in Paris?
(a) Crystalline physics.
(b) Symmetry.
(c) Scientific scales.
(d) Idealism.

2. Which of the following isn't one of the words Manya picks up on from overheard conversations?
(a) Tsar.
(b) Revolt.
(c) Deportation.
(d) Police.

3. What does the father of the children in the opening scene of the school teach?
(a) Calculus.
(b) Physics.
(c) Anatomy.
(d) Chemistry.

4. What is Manya's dream at this time in her life?
(a) To study physics.
(b) Nationhood.
(c) To become a physician.
(d) Liberty.

5. What does Bronya tell her father to do with some of the money her father has set aside?
(a) Find a better house.
(b) Pay back Manya.
(c) Send Manya to school.
(d) Move the family to Paris.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Marie look back on these years with her exhaustion and chronic worry about money?

2. What is the children's single focus at this time?

3. What does Marie decide to pursue her doctorate in?

4. How do her employers treat Manya?

5. Why does Manya change her name to Marie?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Manya begin going to school and what is dangerous about her attending this school?

2. What realization do Marie and Pierre come to about their own needs and where do they think they can get it?

3. How does Manya come to the conclusion that her plan was futile?

4. Where does Marie now live and how does she spend her pension?

5. How do Manya's employers treat Manya and how does Manya feel about the children and her job?

6. What does Manya do when the Russian inspector comes to her school and how does it make her feel?

7. What happens when war breaks out?

8. What causes Pierre to not get the post as a professor at the Sorbonne?

9. Whose research has Pierre been watching and what did that research yield?

10. Where do Manya and Hela attend school and what kind of school is it?

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