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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the tenor featured in the opera the Bovarys see?
(a) Rubini.
(b) Grisi.
(c) Lagardy.
(d) Tambourini.

2. When Emma receives Rodolphe's letter breaking it off with her, what is her first thought to do?
(a) Tell Charles about the affair.
(b) Commit suicide.
(c) Run after him.
(d) Murder him.

3. Why does Emma want to convince Charles to take the case?
(a) She feels bad for the boy and wants him to get better.
(b) She wants him to become a success.
(c) She needs the money to pay back a loan from Lhereux.
(d) She wants Charles out of the way so she can spend more time with Rodolphe.

4. What is unusual to people about the cab that Léon and Emma ride in?
(a) It is drawn by only one horse.
(b) It is stopped all day by the river.
(c) They are riding up front with the coachman.
(d) The blinds are drawn.

5. What is physically wrong with the beggar that Emma encounters on her way home to Yonville?
(a) He is covered with pestilent sores.
(b) He is missing his arms and legs.
(c) He is blind.
(d) He has a hunchback.

Short Answer Questions

1. What other instructions does Emma give to Léon about their correspondence?

2. What does Emma want Charles to buy for Hippolyte?

3. What does Emma's father do after the funeral?

4. What does Charles do when Emma becomes violently ill?

5. What hobby does Emma decide to pursue again?

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