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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Emma and Rodolphe gather so much attention when they go riding?
(a) They are seen in an embrace.
(b) They ride too fast through the streets of the town.
(c) They are well-dressed and ride well.
(d) They are very clumsy on their horses.

2. What happens on Emma's wedding night that causes some people to think that she and her father are acting above their class?
(a) She forgets to say "thank you" to her guests.
(b) She leaves early without saying goodbye.
(c) She serves wine only to the wealthy guests.
(d) She refuses to allow wedding pranks to be played on her.

3. What is the primary activity of the weekly Sunday parties at the Homais home?
(a) A salon of political conversation.
(b) Book discussions.
(c) Excessive drinking of wine.
(d) Card-playing.

4. Why did Charles' father, Charles Denis Bartholomé Bovary, get removed from his post as an Army surgeon?
(a) He was chronically absent from work.
(b) He was laundering money to pay gambling debts.
(c) He was involved in a scandal involving prescriptions.
(d) He had an affair with his superior's wife.

5. How has Lhereux ruined the life of a local townsman?
(a) He got him censured for unethical business practices.
(b) He stole his wife.
(c) He competed with the man's business.
(d) He has bankrupted him through exorbitant loans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Emma next see Monsieur Binet?

2. Who does Charles have come to visit Emma to help her out of her depression?

3. What gift does Emma receive from one of Charles' patients?

4. Why doesn't Binet believe her?

5. Where is the center of activity in Yonville?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what happens to Homais in Part 3: Chapter 11. Do you think he deserves this?

2. Describe the beggar's appearance in Part 3: Chapter 5.

3. By Part 3: Chapter 4, has Léon become a better person or a worse person since beginning his affair with Emma?

4. In Part 2: Chapter 2, Emma meets Léon. What is it about him that Emma finds attractive?

5. Justin is surrounded by strong-willed women. Explain his relationship with Félicité and Emma in Part 2: Chapter 12.

6. Describe Emma's conflicting motives in her interactions with Binet, Guillaumin and Rodolphe in Part 3: Chapter 7.

7. What are some of the clichés that the dignitaries use who speak at the agricultural show in Part 2: Chapter 8?

8. Part 2: Chapter 7 introduces the reader to the foreshadowed relationship between Rodolphe and Emma. What are Rodolphe's perceptions of Emma's character?

9. What is Charles' reaction to learning about his wife's affairs in Part 3: Chapter 11?

10. Why do people begin to suspect in Part 2: Chapter 4 that Léon and Emma might have affections for one another?

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