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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Homais think Charles should help the stable boy, Hippolyte?
(a) He has a weak heart.
(b) He has a deformed foot.
(c) He has a nervous stomach.
(d) He has had an accident and broken his leg.

2. What happens on Emma's wedding night that causes some people to think that she and her father are acting above their class?
(a) She leaves early without saying goodbye.
(b) She refuses to allow wedding pranks to be played on her.
(c) She serves wine only to the wealthy guests.
(d) She forgets to say "thank you" to her guests.

3. How does Charles eventually convince Emma to go riding with Rodolphe?
(a) She can buy a new riding habit.
(b) She can buy new living room furniture.
(c) She can take a trip to Paris afterwards.
(d) She can add a new horse to their stable.

4. What do we learn has happened to Homais' career?
(a) He was cited for practicing medicine without a license.
(b) He has received many awards.
(c) He wants to change jobs and become a doctor.
(d) He is about to retire.

5. Charles and Emma's relationship grows as they are alone one day discussing what?
(a) Banking.
(b) Popular fashions and town gossip.
(c) Childhood memories and times at school.
(d) Farming.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is physically wrong with the beggar that Emma encounters on her way home to Yonville?

2. How has Lhereux ruined the life of a local townsman?

3. What is Monsieur Binet doing when Emma runs into him on the way to visit Rodolphe?

4. How many different beds does Emma realize that she has slept in during her short life?

5. What seems to disappoint Emma about her pregnancy and the birth of her child, Berthe?

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