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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Léon know where Emma was staying?
(a) He asked Charles.
(b) He had a friend at their hotel.
(c) He lived next door.
(d) He followed the Bovarys the night before.

2. What is the primary activity of the weekly Sunday parties at the Homais home?
(a) Card-playing.
(b) Book discussions.
(c) Excessive drinking of wine.
(d) A salon of political conversation.

3. What award is being presented as Rodolphe professes his love for Emma?
(a) The award for best pie.
(b) The award for best sow.
(c) The manure award.
(d) The award for working the longest at the same farm.

4. What does Flaubert compare the stagecoach to?
(a) A tomb.
(b) A fire pit.
(c) A flying carpet.
(d) A wedding bed.

5. How does Monsieur Rouault compensate Charles for setting his leg?
(a) He gives him 75 francs and a turkey.
(b) He gives him 5 francs.
(c) He gives him a horse.
(d) He gives him a house on his estate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What city does Emma dream of visiting by tracing maps of it?

2. Where in Yonville is Homais waiting for the Bovarys to arrive?

3. Upon the arrival of the Bovarys in Yonville, what does Homais do?

4. What is one of the things that Charles does to show his complete adoration of Emma?

5. Why does Rodolphe suggest that Emma should begin horseback riding with him?

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