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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who runs the house while Emma is ill?
(a) Charles.
(b) Félicité.
(c) Charles' mother.
(d) Monsieur Homais.

2. What gift does Emma receive from one of Charles' patients?
(a) A canary.
(b) A ring.
(c) A dog.
(d) A dress.

3. Where does Emma wish she had spent her honeymoon with Charles?
(a) An exotic location far away.
(b) At an inn in Yonville.
(c) At her parents' home.
(d) At his parents' home.

4. What seems to disappoint Emma about her pregnancy and the birth of her child, Berthe?
(a) It is a girl and not a boy.
(b) It provides one more attachment to a middle-class, provincial life.
(c) She cannot afford to buy the layette that she wants.
(d) All answers are correct.

5. Who comes to stay with the Bovarys after the birth of their child?
(a) Emma's father.
(b) Charles' father.
(c) Emma's mother.
(d) Charles' mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Abbé Bournisien distracted when Emma comes to see him?

2. Besides his wife's illness, what other factor in Charles' life is causing him stress?

3. Where is the ball held where Emma meets Vicomte?

4. Why does Rodolphe suggest that Emma should begin horseback riding with him?

5. Why doesn't Emma confide in the priest?

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