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Short Answer Questions

1. When was Paul Cezanne born?

2. In the end of Section 4, Breton sat in a restaurant with Paul Eluard and who?

3. What kind of behavior did Breton write love "stirred up" in Section 4?

4. What refers to the practice of marriage with only one person at a time?

5. When was L'Age d'or released?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Breton cite Venus mythology in Section 6? What myths did he cite?

2. Why did Breton not name his company on his trip in Section 6?

3. What trip did Breton recount in Section 6? Where did he go, and when?

4. When did Breton write the poem, "Sunflower" in Section 4? To whom was it dedicated?

5. What did Breton conclude of his trip in Section 6?

6. What did Breton associate with his sense of discord on his trip in Section 6?

7. What did Breton remark of the flora and fauna in Section 5?

8. What juxtapositions did Breton use in his descriptions of Lamba in Section 4?

9. What did Breton write of prophecy in his poem "Sunflower" in Section 4? How did he further illustrate this point?

10. What did Breton write regarding The Origins of Family in Section 5?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Breton's use of imagery, symbolism, and metaphor in his descriptions of Jacqueline Lamba in Section 4. What juxtapositions did the poet use? What effect did they have?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the works of Freud and Engels cited in the text. What were each of these individuals known for? What influence did they have on the Surrealist Movement?

Essay Topic 3

To whom was Mad Love dedicated? What did Breton write, closing Mad Love to this individual? How is Breton's views of gender reflected through this relationship?

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