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Short Answer Questions

1. Breton claimed in Section 3 that the found object acted as a _____ for Giacometti.

2. What refers to a mythological monster, half-man and half-bull?

3. Who published Civilization and Its Discontents?

4. Breton argues that "convulsive beauty" must be seen in terms of the object in motion, and how?

5. What comprises that organized part of the personality structure that criticizes and prohibits his or her drives, fantasies, feelings, and actions?

Short Essay Questions

1. What art form does Breton open Mad Love discussing? Why?

2. How did Breton define "chance" in Section 2?

3. What did the dishwasher call out in the diner, in Section 1? Why did Breton point to this?

4. What did Breton write of juxtaposition in the found object in Section 3?

5. What did Breton conclude about the use of public survey in Section 2?

6. Who was Sigmund Freud? What impact did he have on the Surrealist Movement?

7. What lines of Lautremont's did Breton quote in Section 1? Why?

8. What is the subject and focus of Section 3? What story did Breton retell in illustrating this subject?

9. What did Breton write in the postscripts for Section 3?

10. What did Breton and Giacometti conclude of the first object in Section 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and discuss the works of Arthur Rimbaud, and the Comte de Lautréamont. Why did Breton cite these artists in the book? What influences did they have on the Surrealist Movement?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the life, career, and work of Man Ray. What relationship did Ray have with Breton? What involvement did Ray have within the Surrealist Movement?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss Breton's political views and the political climate during the Surrealist Movement. How did Communism impact surrealist theory? How did World War I?

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