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Short Answer Questions

1. What story did the spoon from the flea market evoke for Breton?

2. What refers to a mythological monster, half-man and half-bull?

3. What fragmented phrase had Breton thought of months earlier, which resurfaced after the flea market in Section 3?

4. Breton and his friend, in Section 3, associated the mask's original purpose as being what?

5. Who first stated and established the Hegelian dialectic?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the subject and focus of Section 3? What story did Breton retell in illustrating this subject?

2. What did the second found object in Section 3 represent for Breton?

3. What questions did Breton pose in Section 2? Where were they published?

4. What did Breton remark about the responses received from the survey in Section 2?

5. What did Breton write in Section 1 of "the woman to appear"? How did he relate this to the Tarot?

6. What did Breton write of "chance" in surrealist theory in Section 1?

7. What metaphor did Breton use in defining "convulsive beauty" in Section 1?

8. What was the first object found by Breton and Giacometti in Section 3?

9. Who was Man Ray? What contributions did he lend to Mad Love?

10. How did Breton define "chance" in Section 2?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the author Paul Eluard and his work, theories, and influence on the Surrealist Movement. How did Eluard meet Breton? What was their friendship like?

Essay Topic 2

Why did Andre Breton begin Mad Love by discussing the theater? What metaphors did he make using this art form? Why?

Essay Topic 3

To whom was Mad Love dedicated? What did Breton write, closing Mad Love to this individual? How is Breton's views of gender reflected through this relationship?

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