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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term refers to that of high moral, aesthetic, intellectual, or spiritual value; noble; exalted?
(a) Holy.
(b) Sublime.
(c) Supreme.
(d) Godly.

2. Who was Jacqueline Lamba's second husband?
(a) James Joyce.
(b) Samuel Beckett.
(c) David Hare.
(d) Andrew Lloyd Webber.

3. The island volcano that Breton went to in Section 5 was a part of what body of islands?
(a) Spanish Canary Islands.
(b) Hawaiian Islands.
(c) Virgin Islands.
(d) Mediterranean Islands.

4. Breton described feeling an overwhelming need for what, while in Brittany in Section 6?
(a) Love.
(b) Affection.
(c) Solitude.
(d) Reinforcement.

5. Jacqueline Lamba was which of Andre Breton's wives?
(a) Second.
(b) Fourth.
(c) Third.
(d) First.

Short Answer Questions

1. Regarding the poem, "Sunflower," Breton wrote, ""I say that there isn't anything in this poem of 1923 that did not announce the most important thing to happen to me in ____."

2. "Sunflower" is an example of what type of poetry?

3. In reviewing his poem, "Sunflower," Breton wrote, "Today I am unhesitatingly convinced of its profound ____."

4. What did Breton see as a monument to things that are hidden, in Section 4?

5. Who wrote Alice in Wonderland?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Breton write of "The House of the Hanged Man" in Section 6?

2. What imagery did Breton use in Section 5? What is the subject of this section?

3. What did Breton associate with his sense of discord on his trip in Section 6?

4. How did Breton describe Lamba in Section 4?

5. Why did Breton cite Venus mythology in Section 6? What myths did he cite?

6. What did Breton write regarding The Origins of Family in Section 5?

7. What automatic writing games did Breton describe in Section 5?

8. What did Breton transition to following his descriptions of the volcano in Section 5?

9. What did Breton feel the edits had done to the poem "Sunflower"?

10. What is the subject and focus of Section 6? How does it relate to Section 6?

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