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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the first object found by Breton and his friend in the flea market in Section 3?
(a) A spoon.
(b) A mask.
(c) A doll.
(d) A puppet.

2. What was the pen name of Eugène Émile Paul Grindel?
(a) Paul Eluard.
(b) Andre Breton.
(c) Sam Beckett.
(d) Antonin Artaud.

3. What is the title of the photograph in Section 1 which accompanies Breton's discussion of Tarot?
(a) "Myself."
(b) "Tarot and love."
(c) "Myself and her."
(d) "Cards and wine."

4. In Freud's theory, the ego mediates among the ___, the super-ego and the external world.
(a) Ego.
(b) Self.
(c) Super-ego.
(d) Id.

5. Breton uses a metaphor in Section 1 comparing great quartz crystals found in grottoes in Europe and the simple crystals found in what?
(a) Sand.
(b) Building material.
(c) Concrete.
(d) Rock salt.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which component of Freud's psychological model acts according to the "pleasure principle", seeking to avoid pain or displeasure aroused by increases in instinctual tension?

2. Breton distinguishes in Section 1 between an object which is wished for and an object which is what?

3. What French aristocrat and author from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century is known for his erotic and blasphemous novels, many of which were written while he was imprisoned?

4. Who wrote The Poverty of Philosophy?

5. Surrealist theory argues that what are important for the shock and surprise they elicit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Breton write in the postscripts for Section 3?

2. What did the dishwasher call out in the diner, in Section 1? Why did Breton point to this?

3. What is the subject and focus of Section 2 in Mad Love?

4. What metaphor did Breton use in defining "convulsive beauty" in Section 1?

5. What did Breton note about Giacometti's sculpture in Section 3?

6. What did Breton and Giacometti conclude of the first object in Section 3?

7. How effective was Breton's survey in Section 2? What did he conclude?

8. What is the subject and focus of Section 3? What story did Breton retell in illustrating this subject?

9. What story of a diner did Breton recount in Section 1? What descriptions did he use?

10. What was the first object found by Breton and Giacometti in Section 3?

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