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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who first stated and established the Hegelian dialectic?
(a) Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus.
(b) Arthur Rimbaud.
(c) Comte de Lautréamont.
(d) Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

2. What is the second of the two essential questions posed by Breton in Section 2?
(a) "What do you consider the essential encounter of your life?"
(b) "What is the meaning of life?"
(c) "What do you want the most out of life?"
(d) "To what extent did this encounter seem to you, and, does it seem to you now, to be fortuitous or foreordained?"

3. What art form does Breton invoke in the beginning of Mad Love?
(a) Music.
(b) Sculpture.
(c) Theater.
(d) Dance.

4. What refers to a pack of cards (most commonly numbering 78), used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play a group of card games and for divination?
(a) Tarot.
(b) Mysticism.
(c) Ouija.
(d) Hora.

5. When was The Surrealist Manifesto released?
(a) 1934.
(b) 1910.
(c) 1939.
(d) 1924.

Short Answer Questions

1. What French Poet's last major work, Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard ('A roll of the dice will never abolish chance'), was published in 1897?

2. What refers to a mythological monster, half-man and half-bull?

3. In his self-reflection, Breton argued, he could point out the most significant and trivial details of his life and link them to the importance of what?

4. Whose grief at the premature death of his wife, Nusch, in 1946 inspired the work "Le temps déborde" in 1947?

5. What French poet produced his best known works while still in his late teens and gave up creative writing altogether before the age of 21?

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