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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Surrealist journal is cited in Section 2 of Mad Love?
(a) The Minotaur.
(b) The Centaur.
(c) Literature.
(d) The Venus.

2. What German social scientist, author, political theorist and philosopher co-founded communist theory, alongside Karl Marx?
(a) Carl Jung.
(b) Benito Mussolini.
(c) Friedrich Engels.
(d) Sigmund Freud.

3. Breton announces in Section 2 that one of the purposes of Mad Love will be to explore _____ encounter with chance.
(a) His wife's.
(b) His own.
(c) His daughter's
(d) His son's.

4. Who wrote Mad Love?
(a) Andre Breton.
(b) Luis Bunuel.
(c) Salvador Dali.
(d) Jacques Vaché.

5. What is the first of the questions posed by Breton in Section 2?
(a) "What do you consider the essential encounter of your life?"
(b) "Is there a God?"
(c) "To what extent did this encounter seem to you, and, does it seem to you now, to be fortuitous or foreordained?"
(d) "What is the meaning of life?"

Short Answer Questions

1. In his self-reflection, Breton argued, he could point out the most significant and trivial details of his life and link them to the importance of what?

2. Who wrote The Poverty of Philosophy?

3. While the responses of the survey from Section 2 were largely insufficient, there was enough interesting material there that Breton felt what?

4. What refers to the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference?

5. Surrealist theory argues that what are important for the shock and surprise they elicit?

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