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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Malcom afraid to take up the crown?

2. What does Macbeth ask Seyton to do as the army approaches in Act 5, Scene 3?

3. What has most of Macbeth's army done while the army in Dunsinane prepares for battle?

4. What are the witches rebuked for the morning after Banquo's murder?

5. What happens to Macduff's family after he has fled the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Malcolm so afraid for his life in Act 3, Scene 6?

2. What does the bloody child tell Macbeth when Macbeth visits the three witches?

3. What does Macbeth think his enemies will suffer before he is defeated?

4. What is Malcolm trying to hide by using camouflage?

5. Where has Macduff fled to after hearing about Banquo's death?

6. How does Angus pledge to purge Macbeth of his bloodlusty sickness?

7. What about his new English soldiers is Malcolm most worried about?

8. In Act 4, Scene 2, what happens to Lady Macduff as she is preparing to join her husband?

9. How does Macbeth feel about his first kill in the battle against Malcolm?

10. What does Malcolm suggest that his soldiers use as camouflage while approaching Macbeth's castle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many different characters in this play are persuaded to do things that they would not have done of their own accord. What are some of these instances, and how does persuasion affect the course of the plot?

Essay Topic 2

Valor is a theme of this play very important to many of the characters involved. Where does this theme of valor present itself, and how do these occurrences affect the characters involved in those scenes?

Essay Topic 3

Sacrifice is a theme that is very prevalent in this book. Who are the characters most affected by this theme, and how do they allow sacrifice to change their lives?

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