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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the witches do at the beginning of Act 4 when they are joined by Hecate?
(a) Begin stirring things in their cauldron.
(b) Go to sleep.
(c) Dance and sing.
(d) Chant.

2. What does Macbath ask his doctors to do when he hears the war drums from Dunsinane?
(a) Attend to his wife.
(b) Stop giving him reports.
(c) Leave him and find safety.
(d) Give him an injection of strength.

3. What makes Macbeth feel invincible in Act 5?
(a) His anger.
(b) The prophecy of the witches.
(c) The love the people have for him.
(d) His huge army.

4. What is the third apparition to appear to Macbeth when he meets with the witches?
(a) An armed head.
(b) A bloody child.
(c) The ghost of Duncan.
(d) A child holding a branch.

5. Who will lead the first assault on the castle in Act 5, Scene 6?
(a) Macduff.
(b) Malcolm.
(c) Siward.
(d) Angus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who suggests the form of camouflage that the army in Dunsinane uses?

2. What is the first apparition to appear to Macbeth when he meets with the witches?

3. What happens to Macduff's family after he has fled the country?

4. What does Macbeth ask Seyton to do as the army approaches in Act 5, Scene 3?

5. What do the witches plan to do with that which they harvest from the moon?

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