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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the third apparition to appear to Macbeth when he meets with the witches?
(a) The ghost of Duncan.
(b) An armed head.
(c) A bloody child.
(d) A child holding a branch.

2. Where did the army get the boughs they are holding?
(a) From the forests near their homes.
(b) From trees at the castle.
(c) From Birnam wood.
(d) At Dunsinane.

3. What makes Macbeth feel invincible in Act 5?
(a) His huge army.
(b) The prophecy of the witches.
(c) His anger.
(d) The love the people have for him.

4. Where does the first scene in Act 5 take place?
(a) An anteroom in Macbeth's castle.
(b) A wood.
(c) Macduff's castle.
(d) An inn.

5. What do the witches do at the beginning of Act 4 when they are joined by Hecate?
(a) Go to sleep.
(b) Begin stirring things in their cauldron.
(c) Dance and sing.
(d) Chant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who will lead the first assault on the castle in Act 5, Scene 6?

2. What happens to Macduff's family after he has fled the country?

3. What does Malcolm tell the army to do when they reach the castle at Dunsinane?

4. Who is the leader of the army at Dunsinane?

5. What brings Siward comfort when he hears of his son's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is most of Malcolm's army from?

2. Who is the first person Macbeth kills in the battle against Malcolm?

3. What is Hecate mad at the three witches for?

4. What does Macbeth see at the banquet that frightens him beyond measure?

5. How was Macduff born?

6. In Act 4, Scene 2, what happens to Lady Macduff as she is preparing to join her husband?

7. What is peculiar about the appearance of the surprise visitor to Macbeth's banquet in Act 3, Scene 4?

8. Why does Macbeth not want to receive any more reports from the doctor and his attendant in Act 5, Scene 2?

9. Why is Macbeth's army so small in comparison to Malcolm's army?

10. What does Macbeth ask Seyton to help him with before the battle begins?

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