Macbeth Character Descriptions

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Angus - This character is a Scottish nobleman who appears in Act V with the Scottish rebels.

Apparitions - These characters come from a cauldron after animal and human blood, on top of a variety of other ingredients, is poured in.

Attendants - These characters carry out such tasks as helping the bleeding sergeant find surgeons, guarding their masters, and delivering messages.

Banquo - This character is a Scottish general told in a prophecy that his children will be kings. He is killed by a good friend.

Boy - This character watches his father get murdered before he is killed himself.

English Doctor - This character comments on the healing touch of the saintly king.

Fleance - This character escapes the attack of trained murderers, but watches his father die.

Gentlemen - These characters are present and addressed at an important banquet.

Cathness (in some editions, Caithness...

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