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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is NOT one of the women who complain that since the men have been at war, they've hardly been home at all?
(a) Lampito.
(b) Lysistrata.
(c) Myrrhine.
(d) Kleonike.

2. ____________ delivers a speech about how men have made a mess in the city for years as the women have sat by.
(a) Myrrhine.
(b) Lysistrata.
(c) Lampito.
(d) Kleonike.

3. What is making the men in the Chorus choke as they are trying to reach the temple?
(a) Smoke from the fire.
(b) The food they cooked.
(c) Their own smell.
(d) The oil smell.

4. Kleonike reluctantly takes hold of the _____________ with Lysistrata.
(a) Shield.
(b) Parchment.
(c) Goblet.
(d) Sword.

5. When Lysistrata says they need one person to represent all the women in the oath, who is this person?
(a) Kleonike.
(b) Myrrhine.
(c) Boiotia.
(d) Lampito.

6. Who is the well-off young woman who decides to attend the meeting Lysistrata has called?
(a) Boiotia.
(b) Lampito.
(c) Kleonike.
(d) Myrrhine.

7. What is NOT one of the things that happen when the Male Leader and the Female Leader meet?
(a) They embrace.
(b) They ridicule each other.
(c) They threaten each other.
(d) They challenge each other's right to speak.

8. The Male Leader tells the men of the Chorus, they must go to the _____________ in order to regain control.
(a) Akropolis.
(b) Church.
(c) Sea.
(d) River.

9. The men vow they will fight ______________ the same way they fought in the wars.
(a) The women.
(b) The government.
(c) Their desires.
(d) The priests.

10. What does Lysistrata say the women will do for the men, which angers the Commissioner?
(a) Kill them.
(b) Rescue them.
(c) Overpower them.
(d) Seduce them.

11. Lysistrata suggests they all take ______________ to seal their bargain and their plan.
(a) A piece of clothing off.
(b) An offering.
(c) An oath.
(d) A blood blessing.

12. In thoughts of what does Kleonike begin to lose herself when she is talking with Lysistrata?
(a) Perfume.
(b) Her husband.
(c) Sex.
(d) Pretty clothes.

13. Lysistrata points out that she wants women to gain ______________ through making themselves pretty.
(a) Salvation.
(b) Honor.
(c) Peace.
(d) Respect.

14. The Commissioner demands to know why they women are so concerned about ____________.
(a) Money.
(b) Power.
(c) Peace.
(d) Sex.

15. The Commissioner gives a speech about how women use their _________________.
(a) Voices.
(b) Perfumes.
(c) Sexual wiles.
(d) Bodies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Commissioner tell the officers to use in order to pry open the doors to the Akropolis?

2. Lysistrata compares the life of a city to a __________ newly shaved off a sheep.

3. What does the Male Leader do to the Female Leader to cause her to lash out initially?

4. The Commissioner goes into a story about how women fighting for their rights brings ______________.

5. Lysistrata lets the women know there is already a group of older ___________ women waiting for her signal.

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