Lysistrata Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Lysistrata pacing at the start of the play during the opening scene?

Lysistrata is pacing because she is waiting for the other women to show up for a meeting she has called.

2. What does Lysistrata have to complain to Kleonike when Kleonike arrives at the meeting?

Lysistrata complains about how women will show up on time for a women's festival, but not for her meeting.

3. What does Lysistrata confess she has been thinking about when Kleonike asks her why she called the meeting?

Lysistrata confesses she has been thinking about the state of things for a while and that women must take control in order for things to get better.

4. What does Lysistrata think will happen if the women of Greece take control?

Lysistrata believes that if the women of Greece take control, Greece can finally achieve unity and peace.

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