Lysistrata Character Descriptions

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Calonice - This character is at first reluctant to make the sacrifices asked. This character is earthy and funny, especially in voicing her lust for her husband.

Child - Cinesias brings this character to the siege in an attempt to convince another to return home.

Chorus of Old Men - This group of characters leads an assault on the Acropolis. They try to burn the women out by setting fire to the base of the building.

Chorus of Old Women - This group of characters proves a formidable force, easily defending the Acropolis against the old men's attack. They pour water on the men when they attempt to set a fire, and they prove themselves wittier and more effective in a war of words with the old men.

Cinesias - This character suffers from unfulfilled lust and begs his wife to forget her oath and return...

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