Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream Short Essay - Answer Key

Doris Kearns Goodwin
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1. What did Sam Johnson think of his young son's hair?

Sam did not like Lydon Johnson's curls when Johnson was around five. He told his wife that she was making a "sissy" of her son. When she refused to cut them, he cut them when she went off to church one morning.

2. Describe Johnson's relationship with his mother, Rebekah.

Rebakah doted on Johnson and wanted to bring him up to be educated and cultured. She read to him and kept him close to her. At times, she withdrew her affection when Johnson did something she did not approve of, and that would always hurt him very much.

3. What did Johnson find fascinating about his paternal grandfather?

Johnson loved to visit his grandfather and listen to his stories for a couple of hours every afternoon. When it was time to return home, his grandfather would unlock a drawer in his desk and let Johnson choose a candy stick.

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