Objects & Places from Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream

Doris Kearns Goodwin
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Perdernales River

This location was near Johnson's early childhood home.

Johnson City, Texas

Johnson's lived in this location during his late childhood and adolescence.

Austin, Texas

Lady Bird graduated from college in this location.

San Marcos College

Johnson took classes at this location as a young man.

Cotulla, Texas

Johnson taught in this location while taking a break from his higher education studies.

Dodge Hotel

Legislative secretaries lived in this location.

Karnack, Texas

Lady Bird Johnson grew up in this location.


Johnson was the Director of this group from 1935-36.


Johnson purchased this entity and made money from it.

Senate Armed Services Committee

Johnson was appointed to this group in the early stages of his senate career.

Party Whip

This position, held by Johnson in his early Senate years, is responsible for contacting all party members when important votes are to occur.

Minority Leader

This position...

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