Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream Fun Activities

Doris Kearns Goodwin
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Great Society

Identify Johnson's favorite Great Society programs. If you were President today, what kinds of programs would you want to enact to make our society better? Explain your choices to the class.

Quiz your classmate

Create a quiz about the events describe in this biography and give to another student in the class to answer.

Author Biography

Do an internet search on the author of this book, Doris Kearns. What is her background? What other books has she written? Where does she live? What other information can you discover about her? Share your research with the class.

Word Scrambler

Mix up 10 words from LYNDON JOHNSON & THE AMERICAN DREAM--people's names, historical events, legislation, issues, etc.--and give to another classmate to unscramble.


Research the details of John F. Kennedy's assassination and summarize in a paragraph or two. Read your summary to another student.

Presidential Timeline

Make a...

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