Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Doris Kearns Goodwin
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Chapter 1, Growing Up

• Born in Stonewall, Texas, Johnson spent his early years in a small farmhouse, about a mile away from the large ranch home he later built to raise his own family.

• His mother, Rebekah Baines, was the daughter of a middle-class family that was committed to education and civility.

• Rebekah married Sam Johnson, a small farmer and real estate investor.

• Sam was a big man who drank a lot and spoke in a vulgar way.

• Lyndon is Rebekah and Sam's first child.

• Rebakah vows that she will raise Lyndon with all of the cultural and educational advantages with which she had been blessed.

• Sam wants his son to become a "man."

• Lyndon constantly struggles with his identity, attempting to emulate and please two opposites people.
• After graduating high school, Johnson traveled to California with some older boys who had spent the summer repairing an old Model-T...

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