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Lust Casey Academy

This is a coeducational location meant to teach children 15 and older.

Sparks' Flaming Baked Apples

In one story, this is prepared as a surprise but the narrator is hurt by it.

Blow Islamic Art Museum

This is the location where characters spend a few hours looking and one relates sensational anecdotes about the items they see.

City Night Club

This is the location where characters visit with friends, drinking and getting to know each other.

Lunch With Harry Restaurant

This is the location where three characters meet to eat lunch together.

The Break-up Beer

This is the item that Owen buys to share with Tim and Liz.

The Garden

This is the location where two characters spend time walking and arguing about their relationship.

The Tortoiseshell Comb

This is the item a woman finds in her bathroom and momentarily becomes jealous.

Awful Soup

This is...

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